İSBAK Mask Disinfection Machine Made

isbak mask made disinfection machine
isbak mask made disinfection machine

ISBAK, a subsidiary of IMM, has developed a machine that performs mask disinfection with ultraviolet (UV) rays. Masks that will be delivered to Istanbul residents with the machine that ISBAK has completed will be disinfected before packaging.

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus epidemic, ISMEK, which has rolled up its arms to meet the increasing demand for the mask, has received great support from ISBAK, the technology subsidiary of IMM.

ISBAK initiated an R&D study so that ultraviolet rays used in the sterilization studies of the operating rooms can also be used in the disinfection of surgical masks. As a result of the study, it was determined that ultraviolet rays can destroy the microorganisms on the mask surface by 90 percent. Completing the construction of the disinfection machine, İSBAK will disinfect the masks in cooperation with İSMEK. Masks to be disinfected before packaging will be delivered to the people of Istanbul in a healthier way.

IMM continues to produce new projects that protect the health and safety of the people of Istanbul in the difficult epidemic process.

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