Aras Kargo is Sold to an Austrian Logistics Company

inter cargo is sold to an austrian logistics company
inter cargo is sold to an austrian logistics company

1979 percent of Aras Kargo, which was founded in 80, is transferred to the Austrian Österreichische Post. Aras Kargo has approximately 14 thousand employees and has nearly 900 branches. It is expected that share transfer will take place after obtaining the permission of the necessary institutions.

Austrian logistics company Österreichische Post (Austrian Post) announced that it will increase its share in Aras Kargo, which it owns 25 percent, to 80%.

According to the statement from Österreichische Post, Baran Aras will continue to be a joint owner with a 20 percent share in the company and will also serve on the Aras Cargo Board.

The agreement, which is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, will be subject to approval by regulatory agencies.


Österreichische Post, which partnered Aras Kargo with a 2013 percent stake in 25, started a process in 75 to increase its share in the company to 2016 percent.

However, Aras Kargo Chairman and CEO Evrim Aras disagreed against the process in 2017, stating that their Austrian partners refused their purchase option to increase their share in the company from 25 percent to 75 percent, and announced that they were ready to buy back their current 25 percent shares. .

In February 2017, trustees were appointed to the company due to disagreements within the company.

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