Increasing the Number of Doctors Working in Nursing Homes

the number of doctors in nursing homes is increasing
the number of doctors in nursing homes is increasing

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that the number of healthcare workers in nursing homes will be increased. Selçuk said, “We want a doctor for every nursing home. Our president also ordered this. I hope we will achieve this goal before the year is over. Our Ministry of Health will be announced. ” said.

Minister Selçuk gave information about the measures taken in all public and private institutions, especially in nursing homes and disabled care and rehabilitation centers, and the latest situation against the Kovid-19 risk.

general MoH woman inns in Turkey, children's homes sites, elderly care and rehabilitation centers, nursing homes by pointing to the presence of disabled care centers Selcuk, said he received the service person close to 100 thousand in the total of these organizations.

Minister Selçuk emphasized that the citizens in the organizations are responsible for protecting their health and pointed out that the elderly are the most vulnerable group against the epidemic.

Explaining that more than half of those who stay in nursing homes are over 80 years old, most of them have chronic illnesses, Selçuk underlined that they should protect them very well.

“Unfortunately 50% of Deaths Occur in Nursing Homes in the World”

The first measure in the organization, yet insignificant cases are beginning to receive the transfer of Selcuk in Turkey, the case was reminiscent of the introduction of restrictions also visit the organization from the moment it is seen.

Minister of Selcuk, a first in Turkey, drawing attention to the creation of social isolation institutions in 81 provinces, the social isolation in all establishments stated that there were solid.

Selçuk said that the people who were treated in the hospital due to a case or suspicious situation were quarantined in social isolation institutions for 14 days before being re-admitted to the organization.

“Unfortunately, we had cases, but when we compare with the world; Unfortunately, 50 percent of deaths took place in nursing homes all over the world. We watched very painful cases and painful examples.

With strict measures we are taking in Turkey, retirement in the death of 19-Kovid rate was 4 percent of all death in Turkey. The World Health Organization also underlined this positive separation. Our old people are a trust for us and we are always asking for their prayers. Our President always expresses it. This is a question of conscience rather than possibility. ”

Reminding that old citizens in nursing homes do not kiss their hands at the holiday, but that they come together with them online, Selçuk said that the personnel in the organizations also work very hard with the fixed shift system.

Stating that the personnel who stayed in the nursing home away from their families for 14 days were subjected to Kovid-19 test at the exit of the shift, Selçuk emphasized that the number of cases could be kept at lower levels thanks to these measures.

“The Number of Healthcare Staff in Nursing Homes Will Increase”

Minister Selçuk stated that there are nurses and doctors working in the institutions on the question regarding the health teams in nursing homes.

Reminding that it was decided to increase the number of health personnel in nursing homes, Selçuk said that the Ministry of Health provided great support for the diagnosis and treatment processes of the provincial health directorates.

Selçuk said, “We will gradually increase the number of healthcare professionals in the organizations. We want a doctor for every nursing home. Our president also ordered this. I hope we will achieve this goal before the year is over. Our Ministry of Health will be announced. ” he spoke.

Stating that the measures in the organizations continue, Selçuk said, “We continue with a little more cautiousness about normalization steps. We started to be normalized step by step. We started to stretch visitor constraints a little more and allow access to the garden. We continue slowly, protecting them. ” said.

“We will continue this project by preserving the name of Vefa”

The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, Selçuk, considering the Vefa Project launched by the Ministry as a pilot application, in response to the question of how to continue the work of the Vefa Social Support Groups formed in the fight against Kovid-19 with the 21 thousand elderly He explained that it was a pilot application started.

Selçuk stated that they went to the homes of the elderly and their personal care was done within the scope of the project, “Fortunately, we have initiated such a project. In this process, a small charity was the yeast of a greater good. ” said.

In the fight against Kovid-19, Vefa Social Support Groups, formed with the support of law enforcement, gendarmerie, police personnel, Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations (SYDV) personnel and Family Social Support Program (ASDEP) officials, met the needs of elderly citizens who could not leave their homes by walking door to door. Stating that they helped the citizens reach their citizens on time, Selçuk pointed out that they provided social assistance to 6 million households.

Selçuk thanked all the staff involved in these studies for their efforts.

Minister Selçuk said, “After this process, we will continue this project by preserving the name 'Vefa' and ensuring its movement in a different way.” said. Selçuk said that the project is planned to continue with a focus on the elderly by changing the shape and content a little more.

"Donations in the National Solidarity Campaign Exceeded 2 Billion Lira"

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "We Us Yet Turkey" call the National Solidarity Campaign launched last state to share information on the Minister of Selcuk, "in campaign donations has exceeded 2 billion pounds. We continue to distribute it through social aid, our foundations. ” found in the description.

Selçuk emphasized that the supports provided within the scope of the National Solidarity Campaign are delivered to the citizens apart from the periodic shares of the Social Aid and Solidarity Foundations and the aids within the scope of the Social Protection Shield, with the total amount of payments reaching 20,5 billion pounds in the fight against the epidemic.

“Kovid-19 Will Pass, But Chronic Opposition Will Not Pass”

Minister Selçuk pointed out that while there were only 2002 social assistance programs in 4, they now reached the citizens with 43 separate social assistance programs and that they transferred 55 billion lira for this support last year, and made the following evaluations:

“When we look at the ratio of 55 billion to Gross Domestic Product, it corresponds to 1,25 percent. 1,25 percent is a huge figure for our country when compared to other developed countries. So, Turkey needs to be stressed that the outbreak of generosity and with each other. I always say; Kovid-19 will pass in this country, but chronic opposition will not. We have to emphasize the chronic opposition how realistic these figures are. Because we are a really big, solidarity country and these numbers show this. It is not an indication that the numbers have any value, but an indication of how national unity and solidarity we are and how we protect our citizens. ”

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