Task Exchange at HAVELSAN

the flag change
the flag change

Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, who started to work as the General Manager of HAVELSAN on August 11, 2015, left his post after approximately 5 years of duty.

HAVELSAN Deputy General Manager, Education and Simulation Technologies, with the decision of the Board of Directors, with the decision of Atalay Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar was appointed by proxy.

A ceremony was held at HAVELSAN Headquarters Building due to the change of duty.

Speaking at the ceremony, Atalay thanked the employees for the added value they created on behalf of the company. Expressing that he left the happiness of achieving many things targeted in the last 5 years, Atalay said, “I believe that HAVELSAN will be in much better places from now on. Mehmet Akif Bey has been at HAVELSAN for 3 years. It is also a chance for HAVELSAN that a friend who knows the company and plans many things together takes over the flag. ”

Nacar, who took over the task from Atalay, stated that Ahmet Hamdi Atalay had very valuable contributions and directions during the 3 years they worked together and said, “We will be aiming to move the flag higher than the place left by Ahmet Bey, with the favor of our state elders. We will work together and we will bring HAVELSAN to better points with the support of our employees. This is a flag change, and we have a lot of tasks. Many thanks to Ahmet Beye for his efforts and contributions. This company will never forget itself. ”

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