Governor Masatlı Made Investigations at the Solocam Ski Center

The Governor Made Examinations at the Masatlı Soloçam Ski Center
The Governor Made Examinations at the Masatlı Soloçam Ski Center

Governor Masatlı examined the construction of a two-day facility and a playground for the Winter Tourism Infrastructure Development Project.

Within the scope of the Project for Developing the Winter Tourism Infrastructure of the Aloneçam Ski Center, which is implemented by the Ardahan Governorship, in the Solocam Ski Center, the construction of a Children's Park and a two-day facility started. Our governor, Mustafa MASATLI, made examinations in two day-to-day facilities and children's park constructions under construction.

Two Day Facilities are being built, one of which is in the starting area and the other is at the summit. Our governor, who examined the construction of the playground on the same day with the construction facilities in the same region and on the day of construction work, received information from the relevant authorities about the status of the works.

Our governor said in a statement after the investigation that they are working to make the region an important tourism center and said:

Our Lonely Pine Ski Center is famous for its crystal snow, but it is one of the ski resorts that has increased in popularity in recent years. Our Governorate provides services with a ski lift within the Special Provincial Administration, two teleski lines and 5 runways with a newly opened modern runway in accordance with the standards. This year, we have made projects for the development of social and physical equipment. This project is designed to support the physical infrastructure of the winter tourism center and it is aimed to support the physical infrastructure and branding of our ski resort. As part of the project, we are building a two-day facility to serve both domestic and foreign tourists at the start and end points of our ski resort. In the beginning part, our daily facility will have a basement floor and a 110 square meter cafeteria, 317 gift shops of 32 square meters, a 4 square meter ski room, an indoor car park, a heat system and dressing rooms, a machine garage and a warehouse. Now its construction is about to be completed. On the end point, we make our one-day facility as a cafeteria of 100 square meters of wood, 60 square meters of which is closed area and 90 square meters of which is open area. It will allow our citizens who come here by chairlift to have a good time and rest. The cost of these facilities is approximately 150 million 2 thousand liras and construction works are now at the level of 600 percent. Hopefully we will put it into service shortly. We also make a playground in our ski center where children can spend time in winter and summer. The cost of this is 45 thousand liras. In addition to the Lonely Pine Track, Caucasian Track, Curing Track and Sahara Track, we also built our Aktaş Track with a length of 50 meters. Our goal in all of these is to meet all kinds of needs of tourists, both domestic and international. It is possible for this place to provide good service with good social and technical equipment. I hope that it will provide good services to the tourists coming to our country and to our country, especially our people of Ardahan. ” said.

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