Visit from Governor Kocabıyık to Ankara İzmir High Speed ​​Train Construction Site

governor kocabiyiktan ankara izmir high speed train station visit
governor kocabiyiktan ankara izmir high speed train station visit

The Governor of Uşak, Funda Kocabıyık, visited the main construction site of the contractor firm, which is continuing its work on the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project, which is planned to be completed in 2023.

Visit TCDD Deputy Director General Ozgur Oner and company officials informed about the work of the Heather Governor Kocabıyık In recent years, Turkey's land, air and rail transport, he said jump in nearly era.

Underlining that the prevalence and modernization of transportation networks in our age is one of the important indicators of development, Governor Funda Kocabıyık stated that it is very important today to reach somewhere and use time efficiently.

Expressing that the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project is important for Uşak, Governor Funda Kocabıyık said, “96 kilometers of the project, which will contribute significantly to the economy and social life of our city, passes through the borders of our city. 7 workers on the route with 1 viaducts, 41 station, 24 underpasses, 5 overpasses, 136 bridges, 400 culverts work day and night to finish the project at the scheduled time. I hope that the first high-speed train service will begin in 2023. We are working with full force to complete the works as soon as possible. I wish the high speed train project to be beneficial to our city, our region and our country. ”

ankara izmir high speed train map
ankara izmir high speed train map



    1. Behold, it ended in 2021. Is it delayed again?