Gebze Darıca Metro will end in 2023!

gebze will also end its subway
gebze will also end its subway

Ak Party Kocaeli Deputy, TBMM Public Works, Reconstruction, Transport and Tourism Commission Member İlyas Şeker, met with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Marmaray Regional Manager Assoc.


Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker continues to follow closely the projects that are being carried out in Kocaeli and to keep in touch with the institutions and organizations necessary for the conclusion of the work done as soon as possible.

Gebze-Darıca Metro Line, designed to establish an effective rail system line on the north-south axis, which will provide connection services between the industrial areas envisaged within the scope of Kocaeli transportation master plan and the dense settlement centers of Gebze-Darıca districts. AK Party Gebze District President İrfan Ayar and AK Party Darıca District President AvfukAcay were accompanied by Dr. Nurdan Memişoğlu Apaydın.


The works continue at Gebze - Darıca Metro, which was started to be constructed within Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and later transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Having visited the metro construction site with the Marmaray Regional Manager and receiving information from the authorities there, Şeker;

“Today, we met with Gebze and Darıca district heads together with our Marmaray Regional Manager and received information about the work done. Gebze-Darıca Metro consists of two metro lines of 15,4 kilometers. There are a total of 5 stations, a warehouse area and a control center on these lines, of which 6 are on-off and 11 are tunnel type.

At Darica Beach Station, the surrounding fence has been completed, the electricity and ISU displacement work on which a mobile displacement has been carried out. The excavation and support works at the Darıca Cumhuriyet Square Station, where environmental fencing and landscape removal have been completed, continue at full speed. Necessary precautions have been taken at Farabi State Hospital Station and tree replantation will start soon. At the same time, we learned that the expropriation works at TCDD Station Station and the displacement works at Fatih State Hospital Station are continuing.

Reinforced concrete manufacturing and tunneling works are continuing at Gebze Kent Meydani Station. Likewise, works in Gebze Stadium Station, Akse Sapağı Station, Courthouse Station, Mutlukent Station, OSB Station and warehouse area continue at full speed. I thank the officials of our ministry and contractor for their devoted work. ” said.


Candy; "Kocaeli, Turkey's industrial capital. For this reason, there are 14 organized industrial zones in our province, and in these regions, production is made in areas such as machinery industry, plastic industry, chemical industry, steel industry. The metro, which starts from organized industrial zones that are so important for our city and ends at Darıca beach, provides easy and comfortable transportation to industrial facilities, which are the backbone of our country, Farabi Research Hospital and Fatih State Hospital. The ongoing 900-acre Darica National Garden will facilitate transportation. At the same time, with the launch of the metro, our Gebze and Darıca districts will be relieved in terms of traffic. ” used expressions.


İlyas Şeker, Deputy of Kocaeli, who received information about the project from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Marmaray Regional Manager, Associate Prof. Nurdan Memişoğlu Apaydın;

“Under the leadership of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, investments continue in our country and Kocaeli without slowing down.

Gebze - Darıca Metro, which continues to work feverishly, will be connected to the Marmaray Suburban Line at the TCDD Train Station and Sabiha Gökçen Airport - Gebze Metro Line, which is planned to be built in the future, in line with the plans made for the next period. After integration with Marmaray line, from Darica HalkalıWith Sabiha Gökçen integration, transportation to the airport will be provided up to the airport.

Our capital, the capital of industry and production, and all our districts will continue to receive the services they deserve. Our job is to serve our cherished nation. In line with this effort, we have been the servant of our nation since the day we were established as the AK Party, with the actions we have done, not with words.

In line with the information I received from the ministry and contractor company officials during our visit, we can give the following good news to our citizens; Our city's first metro line Gebze-Darıca metro will be at the service of our citizens in the 100th anniversary of our Republic, in 2023. Good luck, good luck. ” He included his statements.

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