Estonia Talin performs driverless vehicle tests in Ülemiste City

talin driverless vehicle
talin driverless vehicle

Transformation has started for the replacement of buses within the University of Talin Ülemiste City in Estonia without a driver. The bus network in the campus will be supported by two buses to test a public transport platform based on three self-driving buses.

In addition to self-driving buses, the smart public transport system includes smart bus stops and a software platform that facilitates communication between all parts of the system and potentially with regular public transport systems. The purpose of the tests is to collect real life experience and continue developing buses as a natural extension of public transport.

“Buses on campus will go through various trials during the testing period. Buses will have to adapt to human-controlled traffic and will have to maintain communication with the control center and follow the instructions received. "Said. In the statement made in the business park, vehicle users, who would be safe for pedestrians and manpower, move near the self-driving buses. "For additional traffic safety, a vehicle specialist is always on the bus during the test period."

The Estonian pilot received funding for R&D from the FABULOS project (Automated Bus Urban Level Operating Systems of the Future), which aims to prepare the cities to adopt innovative technologies and solutions in transportation. The FABULOS project is funded by the European Union and coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki.

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