Eskisehir Rail Systems Insist on Being a Center

Eskisehir insists on being a rail systems center
Eskisehir insists on being a rail systems center

Celalettin Kesikbaş, the President of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), reiterated that they want Eskişehir to be a national and domestic production center in rail systems and said, “Eskişehir deserves this much and the companies in Eskişehir have the infrastructure and documents both for TÜLOMSAŞ and for our other companies.” .

Pointing out that Eskişehir is a city that has the potential to become a national production center of rail systems, Celalettin Kesikbaş, the President of the Chamber of Industry, pointed out that Eskişehir has a rail system culture since 1894. Reminding that there are potentially TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ subsidiary industry and companies that have now become the main industry, Kesikbaş said:

“Eskişehir is the production center of domestic and national high speed trains, locomotives and wagons. As Eskişehir industry, we want Eskişehir to be the national and local production center in rail systems. Eskişehir deserves this much and the companies in Eskişehir have the infrastructure and documents both in TÜLOMSAŞ and our other companies. Eskisehir in a position very much more advanced in this respect from all cities in Turkey. Especially in emerging tüvaş'l with our greatest expectations in this direction have become the center of Turkey's Eskisehir. However, one of the most important rail systems needs of Eskişehir is to provide connection to the ports in Gemlik from Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Hasan Bey Logistics Village and logistics village. This will increase the potential for export and investment in Eskişehir. In this sense, Eskişehir again, Uraysim Project International Rail Systems Test Center project is currently being carried out in Alpu Region. This is the aim of attracting all the rail systems produced in Turkey, Turkey's practice of actually taken all the equipment has been tested as a center of excellence stayed in Turkey. In this sense, the fact that both Uraysim and high speed trains are produced in Eskişehir and that Eskişehir has become the center of national rail systems is the most important issue that Eskişehir deserved since 1894. Our greatest demand is that we want Eskişehir's infrastructure and culture, especially regarding rail systems, not to be like a Revolution car. We do not want to have such a fate. In this sense, we think that Eskişehir deserves this with its companies, infrastructure, machinery and human resources. ”

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