Ergene Basin Comes to Life with Local Mole

ergene basin comes to life with domestic mole
ergene basin comes to life with domestic mole

A critical phase has been passed in the conservation project that will revive the Ergene River, which has been polluting since the 1970s due to the waste of industrial facilities. Lale, a 100 percent domestic tunnel boring machine designed by Turkish engineers, saw the light in the Deep Discharge Line B Tunnel. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, stating that the other tunnel of the project will be completed in the middle of October, "We will realize one of the biggest environmental projects in Europe, however." said.


President Erdoğan attended the Ergene Environmental Protection Project, Deep Discharge Line B Tunnel Light Appeared ceremony with video conference method. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank and Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli were present at the ceremony where President Erdogan was connected live from Vahdettin Pavilion. The two ministers informed President Erdogan about the project, 25 meters underground.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Erdoğan said briefly:

2 BIG BILLION EXPENDITURE: Unfortunately, local governments in the region have not shown the necessary sensitivity for the protection of this basin for years. Ergene's water quality has deteriorated due to problems such as poor infrastructure caused by unplanned urbanization and industrialization and industrial wastewater delivery to the river without treatment. By 2003, pollution in the river has reached very serious levels. We launched the Ergene Haze Action Plan to stop the bad trend. We implemented this plan with a spending of approximately 2,5 billion liras.

He completed this in a few years: We started the Deep Discharge Project to discharge the purified and clean waters into the Marmara Sea. An important part of the project is the tunnel part. We will cross the valleys and hills with 10 tunnels of 2 kilometers each, bringing the wastewater lines to the sea. Lale tunneling machine opens the domestic and national tunneling machine. Turkey. It is one of the 8 countries that can manufacture these machines in the world. If we had this machine in the past, the Bolu Tunnel would have been completed in a few years.

WE COMPLETED WITHOUT THE OUTbreak: We will give the wastewater to the tunnel that we have completed today in December. The other tunnel of the project will be completed like mid-October. Water will be supplied to this tunnel in March 2021. So we had one of Turkey's and Europe's largest environmental project to life. We have completed many investments from dams to tunnels, from waste water treatment plants to airport runways despite the epidemic.

ON THE BEACH OF THE SERIOUS JUMP: Turkey, established in 2018, is exposed to interest, inflation spray the attack was captured at a time when the epidemic rise again. I believe that we can compensate for our losses in this epidemic process, which started in March, lasts in April and slows down from May. As a matter of fact, all leading indicators point that our country is on the verge of a serious leap.

ON FRONT OF TURKEY: We are determined to walk towards our goals without compromising investment, production, growth and employment. I invite everyone who loves their country and nation to contribute to this great investment in investment and employment. Our state will support this mobilization with all its means. In political and economic order it seems to be reshaped after the outbreak seems to be open in front of Turkey.


Minister of Industry and Technology Varank stated that the deep sea discharge consists of sea, land pipe and tunnel lines, “46 km of land pipeline and tunnel B has been completed. It will remain 775 meters in tunnel A. We also have a line of 50 and a half kilometers, 4 meters below the sea. In August, the world-class treated waters of the OIZs on the eastern line will be discharged into the sea by land pipelines. ” said.


Indigenous tunnel digging machine Tulips stressed that the state of R & D to life with the support Varank, "Today we finish the project with a domestic machine for the first time in Turkey. This is a great pride for us. ” he spoke.


The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Pakdemirli said that with this project, industrial wastewater will be treated not in Ergene, but in the Marmara Sea and said, “Environmental pollution in this fertile land will end. The water quality and color of our Ergene river will become natural. ” said.


Ministers Pakdemirli, Turkey announced that the first tunnel boring machine Lale recently used in tenders made Silvan Tunnel.


President Erdogan said that the tunnel boring machine was called the "Mole" among the public after the two ministers' speech. Erdogan pointed out that this machine, which is referred to as "TBM" in the sector, is 3 meters and 25 inches and continued as follows:

ON EVERY KIND OF APPRECIATION: Having produced the giant tunneling machine locally and nationally is truly a success above all kinds of appreciation for us. I congratulate our manufacturer on behalf of my nation. I believe that this CPC will find buyers for itself not only for our country but also in different countries of the world.


Then, upon the order of President Erdoğan, the two ministers pressed the button to start the excavation. After the two ministers pressed the button, the first light was seen in the tunnel with the operation of the machine.


The Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry are working together to reduce pollution in the Ergene River upon the instructions of President Erdoğan.


Turkey is the eighth country in which the tunnel boring machine in the world that produces e-Berke, the first machine "Anatolia" was produced in 2017, yu. The tunnel boring machine produced in Ankara with the support of TÜBİTAK was downloaded from the tape with a ceremony attended by Minister Varank on September 18, 2019 and started to be used in excavation works on November 12, 2019. Developed with the knowledge and knowledge of Turkish engineers, technicians and workers, the tunnel boring machine can excavate an average of 20 meters per day.

It consists of 12 thousand pieces

Lale, consisting of approximately 12 thousand parts, 60 meters long and 120 tons in weight, has made a total of 2 meters of excavation within the scope of Ergene Deep Discharge Wastewater Transmission Tunnel Project.

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