Electric Vehicles Put into Service, Ending the Carriage Problem in the Islands

electric vehicles to end the phaeton problem on the islands
electric vehicles to end the phaeton problem on the islands

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluhas implemented the electric vehicle project that put an end to the phaeton problem in the Islands, which came to the fore with horse deaths. İmamoğlu, who devoted most of his work to the Islands, visited the new transportation vehicles of the district he promoted and the stables where the horses were sheltered. Feeding the 4-month-old foal named “Ada” with his hands, İmamoğlu said, “Areas have been created for the horses to be cared for and fed in the most civilized way. It has been maintained in that way ever since.” Emphasizing that IMM came together with all the stakeholders of the process for a solution, İmamoğlu said, “This has been a resource transfer of almost 100 million liras for our municipality. İBB has made a great sacrifice in solving this problem as a whole. We worked both to prevent the oppression of horses and to prevent the carriage drivers from being victimized," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, devoted almost all of his work today to the Islands. Imamoglu, who reached the Islands from Beylikdüzü by İSTAÇ boat, was accompanied by the full staff of the IMM top management. The first stop of İmamoğlu in the district was the Municipality of Islands. Visiting Adalar Mayor Erdem Gül in his office, İmamoğlu emphasized that he witnessed how Adalar was ignored by the İBB during his term as the district mayor. Pointing out that the attitudes and behaviors at that time were "political", İmamoğlu said, "Due to these and similar shortcomings, we have looked at the neglected Islands from a different perspective since the day we took office. We started this process by bringing together the team of our President Erdem and the IMM.”

After visiting the municipality, Imamoglu and his accompanying delegation went to the designated area to start the "transition process from phaeton to electric vehicles", which is closely followed by the public. Here, Imamoglu met the personnel who would use electric vehicles first. İmamoğlu, who received information from the İBB Secretary General Orhan Demir about the project that will solve the problem of tormenting horses caused by the use of phaeton in the Islands, made the evaluation speech about the visit by taking the staff in front of and next to the new vehicles. He emphasized that Adalar, known as the "Prince of Istanbul", is trying to find the value he deserves. İmamoğlu, who said “Our basic position in the Islands, is a definition of a process on culture, art and tourism”, announced that they are in the region for organic farming studies.

Stating that the subject of horse carriage and horse in the Islands occupies the whole country, Imamoglu said:
“We tried to manage this process, perhaps as an example, with a participatory model at the highest level. No memories were managed behind closed doors. As of the first day, we have always been in contact with the people of the Islands, with the crude phaeton drivers, those who have feelings for the lifting of the phaetons and those who have feelings for the phaetons to go. Of course, it is difficult for a decision to make everyone happy altogether. From the beginning, when we look at the phaeton issue, we have not set out to say 'We are against the phaeton'. Let's state this. However, the whole public knows how much the processes carried out in the Islands regarding the phaeton have damaged both the conscience of the society, the health of the Islands and the quality of the Islands. You each know the visual and past examples of this; we saw, we lived. Therefore, with this most intense democratic communication model, we gathered the process and decided that a new transportation model was needed here. "

Underlining that they carried out the process together with the Governorship of Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “Meetings were held with our Governor, the District Governor of the district and the Mayor of the district. At the end of the day, this is a common decision. As a result of the decision, of course, we had a common decision about never and never to be the victims of the coachmen. Together with the negotiations with the carriages, we stated the price. We have also declared a decision regarding the purchase of raw horses and the payment of the rights of the coachmen. Speaking to the coachman, we paid the right of the coachmen at the same price. This has been a resource transfer of almost 100 million lira for our municipality. We are talking about 100 trillion with old money. IMM made a great sacrifice in solving this problem completely. It is not only that the persecution of horses on this island is prevented, but the coachmen do not suffer a right. Another dimension of our work is the rehabilitation of horses. ”

Reminding that they took over the horses in this process, İmamoğlu said, “The areas where the horses will be maintained and fed in the most civilized way have been created. It has been maintained in that way ever since. Princes' Islands, Turkey in different places, also made regarding the preferred distributed on behalf of the most peaceful way of life in order to maintain the horses were running a campaign. You have seen the first examples of this in the past weeks. It was transported to district municipalities and some universities. These requests are being evaluated and will follow. However, when there is a situation where we hesitate and doubt the fate of horses, we definitely do not give horses. In this context, again all of Turkey, universities, doing our part to call hara. They can make their demands to us in order to evaluate the distribution of horses in this sense. ”


İmamoğlu shared the following information about the electric vehicles to be put into service: “We have already decided that electric vehicles should be clean, environmentally friendly vehicles. Since this place would not be a public transportation or a minibus-style vehicle, it was essential to make a reasonable choice of vehicle quickly. In order to make a vehicle choice in this way, the UTK decision was taken in February that all the Islands are now a pedestrian path. My friends conducted an intensive research on the fastest way to get the most suitable vehicle type. Currently, Turkey has been reached in this manner large geography in the most effective vehicle type and model used to move people. We also purchased a certain number of vehicles for a quick solution as our Metropolitan Municipality. However, the number or models of vehicles you see are not the future transportation planning of Adalar. There are a few studies we will do about the future transportation planning of vehicles. One of them will be done with a strict competition and a public opinion will be conducted on the formation of both vehicle type, vehicle shape and vehicle philosophy. Plus, we hope that we will continue our work on the construction of vehicles with a local manufacture. Currently, the process for 60 vehicles serving Adalar has been completed, but the process for the future continues. ”

Imamoglu stated that the vehicles designed for carrying only people, their registration and legal processes continue. Underlining that the vehicles are planned to be put into service last April under the circumstances, Imamoğlu emphasized that the process was extended due to the pandemic. Tools; İmamoğlu, who defines his words as “electric, environmentally friendly and affiliated with IETT”, concluded his words as follows: “IETT's employees, women and gentlemen whom you see, have been recruited from the people of the Islands, if I am not mistaken by 45 percent. The services of our fellow citizens will continue as the service of the people of the Islands to the Islands. I cannot pass without saying another dimension. It is proof that we think very humanly that we have solved a problem with us phaetonians. We continue to work on the recruitment of names that reach us from the coachmen. Some of them have been hired and some of them are still in negotiations. This is already a process. Because we are hiring around 270 people. We also fulfill this commitment. In other words, we are managing the process with a communication model in which the work on the permanent solution of tomorrow continues, as we have completed the payton problem in the Islands and defining the process related to the new transportation problem, with a model that is so human and has a wide circle of responsibility. ”


İmamoğlu answered the questions of the press members after his speech. The questions asked to Imamoglu and the answers given by the IMM President were as follows:
"When will the vehicles start service?"
- What we call registration is a very simple process. Yesterday, I also informed our Honorable Governor. So the process continues. It is a short transaction, not a long transaction. I think the process will be finished in a few days and the service will start completely. In the first place, we think of a free transition period, we want the people to get used to it and the people to learn about it. We will provide it, and then we will start to serve here with the IETT tariff.

"Will there be a separate fee for the islands?"
- We already had discounted fees on ferries for the people of the Islands. The same model will continue in these vehicles. We will also share its tariffs and fees with the public.

"When you came to the island, there were phaeton protests ..."
- Of course it will. We respect different opinions. In other words, our 10-15 citizens have conveyed their wishes to continue the phaeton there. We hear this voice; we do not hear. But on the other hand, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people have put forward a conscience about ending this work. Our current opinion in the Islands is that there is no phaeton. In this regard, both our governorship and district governorship and even other officials of the state have made a joint decision that this should not happen. This decision was passed unanimously by the Assembly. The application is currently in progress; but we also hear the voices of those with different views.

“The Adalar District Governor rejected the application made by İBB for 60 vehicles on the grounds that it did not comply with the Highway Traffic Law.
- Today's process of registration, that is, the District Governor probably had little work today, to be the last minute. But if he wants too busy, we invited him here. I wish he had joined us.

“There are criticisms that the vehicles are not aesthetically appropriate to the spirit of the Island. There are objections to the fact that a motor vehicle, albeit electric, has become Ada's main means of transportation… ”
- This is not a motor vehicle or anything. So the type of vehicle you see is in the middle. A motor vehicle, settlement pressure here, these are very exaggerated looks. The zoning of the Islands is in the middle, the settlement order is in the middle. We have already said that protecting the Islands is our main philosophy. Therefore, the thought that such a tool triggers the settlement would only be an exaggerated point of view.

“Did you like it visually?”
- Visually, this is the tool that we can get the fastest, the fastest, the most suitable and the most aesthetic. There is no other tool. So see us in the world at this time in the world not only in Turkey; already existent in Turkey, there was no other company that can provide this tool in the world. These firms also use this type of vehicle that most one brand in Turkey. Therefore, we walked with this determination and this preference. We solved the problem. But we have already told about our savings or feelings about his future.

After answering journalists' questions, Imamoglu visited the barns where horses were looked after by electric vehicles that solved the phaeton problem in the Islands. Colorful moments were experienced during the visit of Imamoglu, who feeds the 4-month-old foal named “Ada”. Another point visited by İmamoğlu in Adalar was “Büyükada Greek Orphanage”. Traveling inside the ruined historical building, Imamoglu expressed his regret at the view he saw. Imamoglu instructed Mahir Polat, Head of the Cultural Heritage Department, to investigate what İBB could do for this place. Imamoglu, after the orphanage, made examinations in Tas Mektep, which is also a historical building.

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