EGİAD Cooperation in Slovenia

egiad slovenia cooperation
egiad slovenia cooperation

Providing commercial information and market research opportunities to exporter member companies and within this scope, organizing commercial delegation programs abroad at various intervals EGİADThe company continues its contacts at the embassy level due to preparation for export and trade activities after kovid-19. Organizing a business trip to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia in 2017 EGİADThe previous day met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia Ankara, Mr. Primoz Seligo and İzmir Honorary Consul of Slovenia Mazhar Izmiroğlu. Interview reinforcing bilateral relations EGİAD It took place under the leadership of its president, Mustafa Aslan.

EGİAD delegation met with Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia Ankara Primoz Seligo and İzmir Honorary Consul of Slovenia Mazhar Izmiroglu. President Mustafa Aslan stated that they will try to increase the trade volume by bringing business people working in the strong sectors of Slovenia and Izmir three years ago. EGİADshared some of the outcomes of his visit to Slovenia. EGİAD In his speech he made here, underlining that Slovenia, one of the most hard working countries in Europe, can be a great partner for the Turkish business world, he said, "It is a candidate for being the most important economic partner for us." Highly trained human resources, geographical and natural beauties of Slovenia states that have strategic importance for Turkey EGİAD President Aslan said, “We EGİADAs the business world, we want to join forces with our Slovenian friends as a private sector and to develop a more comprehensive economic relationship. This meeting will ensure that important steps are taken and continued. Our gathering here today reveals our intention to take our relations to the next level.

In between the two countries have not experienced any war and after independence, Slovenia in 1991. At the beginning of his first countries to recognize that Turkey is coming to shows that based on years of goodwill between the two countries, "he said. Highly trained human resources, geographical and states that have strategic importance for its natural beauty with Slovenia, Turkey Lion, "the Balkans' model country we want to establish a strong and diversified economic relations in all fields in addition to our strong political and strategic relations with Slovenia. Turkish companies have the capacity and power to implement the infrastructure and superstructure projects that Slovenia needs. We can mutually revive tourist mobility and share our experiences, especially in health and thermal tourism. We wish to be the link between the two countries in the future business cooperation. Employing 110.000 people EGİADWe would like to express that he will do his best in the realization of these collaborations ”. Expressing the problems experienced by Turkish business people in Slovenia, especially regarding banking transactions, Aslan also asked for support.

Ambassador Seligo mentioned the plan to bring the Mayor of Koper to Izmir with an emphasis on the rapidly developing Koper Harbor on the Adriatic Sea. Ambassador Seligo at the end of a highly productive meeting EGİAD He stated that the Embassy Economic Affairs department will work on all commercial demands of its members.



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