EGİAD Hungary Improves Business Relations

Doing Business with Hungary
Doing Business with Hungary

Turkey and its roots centuries ago, based on recent examples of friendship between Hungary, the outbreak of fighting Kovid-19 exhibited; One step in the scope of cooperation EGİADcame from.

EGİAD With the webinar on "Doing Business with Hungary" organized by the International Relations and Foreign Trade Commission, investments that can be realized between the two countries were brought to the agenda. Hungary Export Promotion Agency of Turkey HEPA Turkey's official office in charge of the event held in collaboration with the Hungarian Ambassador HE. Viktor Matis, Hungary Consul General in Istanbul Laszlo Keller, Hungary Ankara Commercial Attaché Aron Sipos, Hungary Istanbul Commercial Attaché Miklos Bujaky, Hungarian Eximbank's Country Director for Turkey Arda Brigade, HEPA Turkey General Manager Fikret Nas, HEPA Turkey Deputy General Manager showed Burak Aktas participation.

Trade Relations with Hungary Improve

moderator EGİAD Secretary General Prof. Dr. Performed by Fatih Dalkılıç, EGİAD giving the inaugural speech of the webinar, whose members show great interest EGİAD Chairman of the Board Mustafa Aslan stated that the relations between the Hungarian and Turkish governments, which pursue an economy-oriented foreign policy, have reached a better point each year in parallel with the relations that are quite good in terms of politics and culture. Emphasizing that the 'Hungarian Opening to the East' policy, previously outlined, had a positive impact on economic relations between the two countries, Aslan said, “With the establishment of the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council (YDSK) in 2013, bilateral relations in all areas were It has been omitted. Within the scope of the YDSK, although the parties came together four times at various intervals, they discussed important issues such as developing multi-dimensional cooperation, exchanging ideas on regional and international issues, but the presence of a delegation of businessmen brought along the leaders also gave important messages in terms of commercial relations. What opportunities and cooperation in this era in Hungary's economic relations with Turkey, which is a good level of political relations is an important question where the field. Turkey's ten million inhabitants and a trade of a large part of which with EU countries, Hungary and what kind of economic relations can be the answer to the question can develop a model is important in terms of contributing also to trade relations with good political relations, "he said.

Noting that the economy has also undergone a rapid and effective transformation with the end of the Cold War period and Hungary's EU membership, Aslan said, “It has made a serious breakthrough by turning its face into Western European economies especially with intensive privatization programs and foreign direct investments. The direct investments from Turkey to Hungary during the period 2002-2019 to 69 million dollars; Direct investments in the same period from Hungary to Turkey has found 29 million dollars. 2019 Hungarian tourists visited our country in 149.523. About 3.200 citizens live in Hungary. ”

HE Ankara Ambassador of Hungary HE. In his speech, Viktor Matis, EGİADHe pointed out that the two countries could have an enormous impact on the increase of their commercial activities, and that the webinar included all the authorized names in the Hungarian trade leg.

The HEPA Turkey's 140 due in the Hungarian company in Turkey emphasized that provide information about the market, Hungary Export Promotion Agency HEPA Turkey Deputy General Manager Burak Aktas, in recent years, the trade volume between the two countries is 1.8 billion dollars to 2 billion 550 million dollars out, he said. Hungary, the European Union (EU), Turkey on everything He also pointed out that a country can operate with zero questions Aktas, right in the middle of Europe, the country is located at the intersection of major transport lines, he said that he has an important position in Europe. Emphasizing that the Hungarian government follows an open economy and foreign investment oriented policy, “Hungary is in a position to open the door of a market with a population of 510 million to Turkish business people. We serve in the same building as Hungary's Consulate in Istanbul, Hungarian Eximbank, Hungarian Cultural Office and HEPA. We aim to further strengthen ties with Turkey. We act as a bridge for the development of commercial relations between the two countries. We're about 140 Hungarian companies in the market due to Turkey. Turkish companies on the Hungarian suppliers, we have been conducting studies for the Hungarian company does business partner in Turkey. The lowest corporate tax rate of the EU is applied in Hungary with 9 percent. ” The most important opportunities provided by Hungary to Turkey, emphasizing that it is the base of the trade to recognize the opportunity to use Aktas, "78 percent of exports than Hungary EU countries. Turkey should focus on absolute Hungary. There are many things to discover for you in this country. Turkey's exports in textiles by 16.5% on an important point. Hungary-Turkey trade volume to rise to twice the $ 6 billion have been set as a target to be reached. We can come to this point with your help. Please do your best to meet Hungarian companies, you can make important commercial agreements in this region. Cooperation in the fields of agriculture, food, health equipment, environment and water technologies, automotive and electronics will be possible. ”

The Hungarian Eximbank's Country Director for Turkey Arda Brigade, pointed out that Hungary's $ 150 billion GDP with an effective economy. Stating that the Hungarian economy is sustained, exports, Tugay stated that they also operate as export banks. EGİAD Tugay also informed the members about the products that can be given, “Hungary is the 9th country preferred by foreign investors. In 2019, 21 companies from 101 different countries made an investment of $ 5.4 billion, all of which are in the field of industry. ”

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