EBA Summer School Begins

EBA Summer School Begins
EBA Summer School Begins

In these days when we started distance education for the first time because of the epidemic, preventive schools were closed early and distance education was passed.

Due to the epidemic, the 2019-2020 academic year ended in March. The Ministry of National Education announced on March 23 that it would continue its distance education broadcasts without interruption during the summer vacation.

Minister of National Education Zİya Selçuk will explain how the summer school will be and how it will work in distance education with details. Millions of students and teachers are curious about the details of summer school.

With the newly prepared program for students, this time, they will be able to benefit from distance education for the summer term like summer school.

So how will distance education be in the summer?

Students will still be able to benefit from the TRT, EBA TV and EBA application over the internet. Ministry of National Education is preparing a summer school program for students in EBA. In this context, primarily students will be able to access the repetitions of the courses they take in distance education.

So, they will have a chance to repeat the courses of the second semester from EBA. This will be included in the new curriculum prepared. Particularly prominent in the program prepared by the Ministry will be English education.

In this context, the ministry carries out a special work. Preparing the program for students to concentrate on English during the summer holidays. In this program, it is aimed to improve the language skills of the students according to their own levels as speaking and listening in English.

Not only this. The program, which has been enriched in terms of content from the first day of distance education, is planned to be extended for the summer. At the same time, there is work to make students benefit even more from the library department at EBA. With the new applications to be added, new programs will be installed for students to have fun as well as the lesson.

The Ministry of National Education is also working on technical details such as how long the course duration will be. All the details will be announced by the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk after the holiday.

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