The Number of Confidence Stamps Increasing in E-Commerce

The number of trust marks is increasing in e-commerce
The number of trust marks is increasing in e-commerce

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan stated that they will improve the production and export by using the opportunities brought by e-commerce together with all stakeholders, sector actors and tradesmen. I would. " said.

Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) by, allowing consumers to shop with confidence in the electronic media "trust stamp" to be included in the new e-commerce companies to the system due to the introduction meeting was held.

In his speech at the meeting he attended with the video conference system, Minister Pekcan said that the importance of e-commerce was seen all over the world during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic.

Expressing that e-commerce is a strategic activity area for the national economies with its geographical boundaries, uninterrupted service provision, reducing market entry and business costs, Pekcan also offers important opportunities in e-commerce to support SMEs, tradesmen and producers unions in some fields of activity. He expressed his offer.

Minister Pekcan said: “This expansion of e-commerce poses a potential risk in addition to its benefits. Just like in conventional trade, in e-commerce, the terms of the contract between the parties must be processed very well, and all issues, from the indiscriminate delivery of the goods, to the forms of delivery and the terms of payment, must be defined in a way that satisfies both parties, so that a dispute does not occur in the end. ”

Pointing out that the trust stamp system is very important in this framework, Pekcan stated that the necessary infrastructure should be provided to protect the rights of consumers and not to be misinformed.

Noting that the protection of personal data transferred to the internet is also an important security issue, Pekcan said, “e-Commerce should be regulated, controlled and secured without prejudice to the freedom of contract and market effectiveness.” found the assessment.

Pekcan, Turkey, ambitious and stating that e-commerce in an open position in the development of the country's young, dynamic and told us it was a population prone to communication and technology advantages due to its geo-strategic position.

  "Turkey is becoming a major player in the global e-commerce market"

Turkey's global e-commerce market in the important and decisive that increases with each passing day of an actor in nature, and e-commerce is a powerful, safe infrastructure, pointing to the importance of maintaining Pekcan, "In this context, security, privacy and service quality to meet the expectations of the subject, to address concerns and we established the trust stamp system in e-commerce in order to establish the reliability of e-commerce sites. ” used expressions.

In this context, Pekcan reminded that they authorized TOBB as a “trust stamp provider”, and e-commerce sites that want to be included in the system “ isHe said that they could apply on a voluntary basis.

Expressing that the applications will be evaluated within the framework of the relevant legislation, Pekcan said that e-commerce sites determined to meet the criteria were given a stamp of trust.

Emphasizing that e-commerce sites with trust stamp will comply with the relevant legislation on consumer protection, personal data and payment systems and will be audited by a reliable authority, noted:

“These sites will use certificates that ensure that the information can only be seen by the website and the relevant user, and vulnerabilities can be detected with periodic tests. It will be ensured that buyers can get information about their order, and that requests and complaints will be evaluated effectively. Many details about the properties of the goods such as stock information, content and dimensions will be included on the site. It will also provide the buyer with information about the status of their order and cargo tracking. ”

  “We will continue our promotional activities”

Pekcan stated that they will continue their promotional activities with TOBB in order to ensure that all businesses receive this stamp and increase the awareness of citizens, “The trust stamp system will enable our small businesses, especially e-commerce, to create a sense of trust and introduce themselves.” he spoke.

Reminding the epidemic period and the digitization steps they took before, Pekcan gave information about the support they provided to virtual fair and trade committee applications.

Pekcan, the steps taken by Turkey to accelerate in the digital economy, stressing they would continue to produce projects for that matter, any kind of contribution that can be made in this regard and said they were open to suggestions.

 “We will use the opportunities brought by e-commerce in the best way”

Calling on e-commerce sites, Pekcan said, “We will improve our production and export by using the opportunities brought by e-commerce in the best way with all our stakeholders, sector actors and our trade staff. I invite all of our e-commerce sites to continue their activities by obtaining trust stamps in accordance with the quality priorities of our country in e-commerce. ” used expressions.

Pekcan thanked the Ministry and TOBB employees who contributed to the creation and implementation of the trust stamp mechanism in e-commerce.

 18 e-commerce sites carry "stamp of trust"

The stamp of trust is aimed at establishing an environment of trust in electronic commerce, ensuring confidentiality, service quality and eliminating the concerns that consumers experience.

The e-commerce sites with the stamp of trust have the logo "TR-GO". With the 6 new e-commerce sites added to the system, the total number of service providers with a stamp of trust has reached 18.

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