Drones Accelerate Digital Transformation with Contactless Controls

drones accelerate digital transformation with contactless controls
drones accelerate digital transformation with contactless controls

The Covid-19 outbreak, which affected the world, also caused changes in the operational processes of companies. As a result of the measures implemented by governments, many industry representatives turn to new technologies to continue their business. The search for solutions has also significantly increased the demand for drones and drone services over the past two months. Drones can fulfill many different tasks while minimizing the contact between people.

DroneBase, based in Santa Monica, provides organizations, organizations with affordable, reliable and efficient aviation. Thanks to these services, DroneBase also helps many companies from different sectors continue their activities with unmanned aerial vehicles.

DroneBase founder and CEO Dan Burton stated that technology plays an important role for the economy: “Thanks to the contactless inspection provided by DroneBase, we can perform field inspection with unmanned aerial vehicles without even stepping on a facility. said. These contactless inspection services provided by companies like DroneBase especially benefit the property management, insurance and real estate sectors. Traditional face-to-face sales and customer service are very important in these sectors. Given the social distance measures, companies prefer to use unmanned aerial vehicles by turning to technology based operations.

Digital Journey for Those Who Want to Buy a House

The real estate sector is also going through difficult times due to the pandemic. Global economic and uncertainty also affected real estate sales in many countries. The traditional real estate sales process, which is based on physical interaction and face-to-face communication, poses a risk to both parties in this period. Realtors also use drone technology to overcome this problem and ensure contactless, secure customer communication.

Aerial imaging offers potential buyers an exciting experience. High resolution images captured by drones show all details of the property to the buyer. Drones can be offered in many different versions such as 360 panorama, 3D model or 4K video.

Burton said: “Many real estate agents and property managers have already used drone technology to create a sales list or examine the infrastructure of the buildings. Now this technology is very useful for 'virtualization' because drones can allow real estate workers to collect all the necessary images, videos and data within the framework of social distance rules. " says.

Efficient Property Analysis

Many states in the US have implemented strict anti-virus isolation policies. These policies also caused some difficulties in real estate sales processes.

According to DroneBase, drones reduce the time spent on the field by 40% compared to traditional analysis methods and save time.

Brixmor Property Group, a New York-based retail investment company, has also been using drone technology for the past two years to manage its operational processes. The company uses digital, two-dimensional mosaic maps.

Correct Damage Detection

In a possible flood or fire, there are some procedures that real estate insurance companies should follow.

Drones provide images that can be easily used, stored and shared when needed, to determine the general condition of the properties. Images; It also helps insurers identify roof conditions. When such tasks are carried out using traditional methods in the coronavirus process, they pose a threat to inspectors.

Ohio-based Central Insurance Companies, operating in more than 20 states, provide multiple insurance services to companies. Central Insurance Companies, which works to provide better service to its customers and to improve the data it collects, also preferred DroneBase.

Reshaping Property Controls

As commercial drone applications become accessible, companies are exploring various ways to integrate drones into their operational processes. Businesses; It produces different solutions using drones to overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak and continue to provide quality service to customers. Drones, which are also widely used in the construction industry; Added value to the sectors in terms of efficiency, cost and convenience in order to meet the customers' demand for quality service. kazanwill continue to climb.

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