Domestic Production X-Ray Device for New Healthcare Facilities

domestic production x-ray device for new healthcare facilities
domestic production x-ray device for new healthcare facilities

Domestic production x-ray devices were preferred in hospitals that were completed after the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic or converted into a quarantine center. In Turkey "Local Produce Certificate" with a single X-ray manufacturer of Dynamic and activities aiming to increase the local content of the existing product conducting, he is working to meet the growing demand after the outbreak.

1 digital x-ray devices produced with local and national facilities in a short period of time were delivered to emergency hospitals completed in Yeşilköy, Sancaktepe and Hadımköy, and facilities converted into quarantine hospitals such as in Mardin Ömerli and other hospitals.

The domestic manufacturer, Dynamic X-Ray, exported 20 x-ray systems during the period in question.

The company has designed a device specifically for use in lung scans in field hospitals and mobile health screening devices. The device provides 9 megapixel high resolution image quality, making it very easy to diagnose viruses or other diseases. The 100 kHz high frequency x-ray generators produced for these devices, including their design and software, are also integrated into the system, aiming to increase the locality rate above 65 percent. The company has the capacity to produce 200 of these devices annually.

The x-ray device, which is automatically centered according to the patient, thanks to the high frequency of 100 kHz, the image can be obtained in a very short time such as 1 millisecond and 600-700 shots can be taken per day.

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