Do We Want To Protect Our Environment?

do we want to have our answer
do we want to have our answer

While celebrating the World Environment Day on June 5 under the global epidemic threat of the virus, what scale can we protect and protect our environment and the world?

The global crisis we are experiencing has once again demonstrated that if humanity does not stop pretending to be the owner of nature and pillaging and looting natural values ​​with a handful of human communities inevitable, it will be almost impossible for today to survive. We have seen and understood that "crisis is a global solution and global". Because the main cause of the crisis is climate change on a global scale and the destruction of the nature that caused it.

When we look at the integrity of Eskişehir and our country, we are worried as Eskişehir Environmental Protection and Development Association (ESÇEVDER) since we are meeting the 5th June World Environment Day, our problems and concerns are increased more than yesterday.

Construction and procurement processes are continuing in line with the treaties of the nuclear power plant and coal thermal power plant, which are made one after the other with the regulations of the political will, as if to upset all the legal rules. Measures to overcome some legal obstacles in front of this, amendments to the law are made one after another. Looting and looting are almost legalized and made commonplace.

Our water resources and streams are almost privatized in almost every region of our country, and their occupation continues to build hydro power plants (HEPPs). Our water resources are being destroyed with the commercialization of the country's natural water resources. On the other hand, the local people, who are the natural owners of natural water resources, stood up, resisting and rebelling against this pillage. The scream of the people and the demands to live their life embrace with streams, forests, lakes, and natural values.

We observe that the collapse of the mines, the quarries, the extremely arbitrary and unscientific, unplanned practices and the destruction of the forest areas continue unabatedly in a global crisis environment.

Forest areas and agricultural areas continue to be consumed by leaving their places to residential and industrial buildings with the speed of the so-called planning studies that contain all the arguments except science.

Back and dirty technologies are spreading to the country as if they smuggle goods from the fire. Our living spaces are on the way to become a dumpster of back and dirty technologies, especially nuclear and plastic waste.

Following the “Global Green Plan”, which was transformed into a UN-level program with the 2015 Paris treaty, the European Union shared the new recovery package with the public at these days when countries' economic recovery packages were decided.

The European Commission's executive body, the European Commission, plans to realize its goal of “climate neutral” until 2021, with a budget package of 2027 Trillion euros for 1,1-750 and a new 2050 billion economic recovery fund. The EU will bid for 2 billion gigawatts of renewable energy in 15 years and invest 25 billion euros. Likewise, by 2025, it aims to increase sales of clean vehicles with 2 million electric and hydrogen vehicle charging stations.

  • All EU leaders have agreed on an explanation that the response to the Kovid-19 crisis should be shaped on the basis of green transformation.
  • 19 The EU government signed the call, demanding that the EU Green Order be at the center of the EU's recovery plans. In addition, Germany and France, the two largest economies of the union, requested the preparation of a “green recovery roadmap” for all sectors.
  • Preparing to take over the EU presidency on 1 July, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is inevitable that activities aimed at combating climate change will play an important role in the period under the German presidency.
  • A group of 180 politicians, NGOs, unions, private sector representatives and think tanks established the 'Green Economic Recovery Alliance' with the demand to put climate change at the center of the recovery plan.
  • The organization, representing more than 40 million health professionals on a global scale, met with the investor group managing trillion dollars of financial assets and more than 150 leaders of the business world with the demand for green economic recovery. At the same time, the World Health Organization expressed the issue of "WHO healthy and green recovery".

Eskişehir Environmental Protection and Development Association (ESÇEVDER) has defined the coronary virus epidemic process as “Global in Problem, Global in Solution” and in this context, we list what we should do as a country.

  • With the use of clean and renewable energy sources (Solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, etc.), effective use of energy and 100% Renewable Energy should be adopted.
  • The nuclear power plant agreements envisaged to be made in Sinop and Akkuyu, and of course, attempts to turn the country into a nuclear dump, should be abandoned immediately.
  • Hundreds of HEPP constructions should be abandoned.
  • The operation of thermal power plants should be stopped and the construction of new ones should be abandoned.
  • The filling and occupation of the coasts should be ended.
  • Canal Istanbul etc. "crazy!" projects should be abandoned, and environmentally friendly smart projects should be implemented.
  • Forest areas and Agricultural areas must be protected.
  • Plastic waste must be prevented Turkey to turn into garbage.
  • Infrastructure work should be accelerated for the use of electric vehicles.
  • Preventing badger tea from getting dirty.
  • Our farmers and agricultural workers should be supported with serious incentive and support programs in agriculture.
  • The chemicals used in agriculture should be prevented from mixing with irrigation and groundwater resources to create environmental problems, and the use of local seeds should be encouraged without the use of chemicals.

As Eskişehir Environmental Protection and Development Association (ESÇEVDER), we once again warn and speak about the authorities and interested parties on June 5th, World Environment Day.

The year 2020 should be the turning point of life that is at peace with nature and necessary steps should be taken as soon as possible to minimize carbon emissions.

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