Digital Future Summit in Transport and Infrastructure Continues

digital future summit continues in transportation and infrastructure
digital future summit continues in transportation and infrastructure

In the session held within the scope of the "Digital Future Summit in Transport and Infrastructure", the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure brought together representatives and managers of the transport and infrastructure sector, the topic of "Access" was discussed. On the second day of the summit, he hosted important names.

Türksat AŞ General Manager Cenk Şen said, “We are the leader and consultant of the digital transformation required for the state to deliver its services to its citizens”. As Türk Telekom Senior Manager (CEO) Ümit Önal, 5G as Türk Telekom and new generation technologies after 5G they focus, the Senior Manager of Vodafone Turkey Colman Deegan, using a broad customer base they have in e-commerce has strongly said that they want to be. Hepsiburada Senior Manager Murat Emirdağ, Silicon Vadisi'yl Bazaar, which stated that he thought should unite, and bring Founder Nazim Salur, "Turkey in the system entrepreneurs or buy or 'wait and sink' is pushing the point," he said.

“Türksat is the 18th satellite operator in the world”

Türksat AŞ General Manager Cenk Şen stated that Türksat is positioned amid the fast competitive performance of the private sector with its responsibilities towards the citizens of the state, “Turksat seems to be a satellite company, but Turksat has three main functions: One is satellite. One is cable infrastructure, we are making fiber optic cable infrastructure for more than 1,3 million subscribers. Finally, digital transformation is not just something that will be brought up by the private sector. It is the most economical, fastest and highest quality way for the state to take its services to the citizens. Therefore, we are the leader and consultant of the digital transformation necessary for the state to deliver its services to its citizens. ” said.

Expressing that there is anxiety about internet access in the world, Şen noted that 43 percent of people do not have access to the internet, they have made the necessary infrastructure investments to provide this opportunity to people who cannot access digital as Türksat and that Turksat is the 18th satellite operator in the world.

 “We prepare our networks together for 5G”

Turk Telekom top manager (CEO), Ümit Önal, Turk Telekom that it has a 180-year old history and many said that Turkey's transformation into a brand that testimony. 5g'y and 5g as voicing Turk Telekom also focus on new generation technology after Onal, the increase in the last 10 years, Turkey's fiberleş and internet penetration was first noted in the same way.

Everything access to the key points and the yacht of communication principles and fiber as well, indicating that the basic building block of this communication Onal, "We're connects to the fiber we will have our mobile base stations and Turkey's infrastructure we make ready for the 5g'y. On the one hand are no longer on our agenda, artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous systems, augmented reality, new technologies such as virtual reality, a hand in them we have an agenda in the experience their points together with the entire world in Turkey. " he spoke.

"In Turkey, there is a huge opportunity for digitization"

In Turkey, reminiscent started 3-4 years ago the digitization journey Vodafone Turkey Senior Manager (CEO), Colman Deegan, Turkey, stating that a highly developed country in terms of digitization, "Our customers here digital very prone and very large demand voice to digital services at this point subject. In Turkey, there is a huge opportunity for digitization. Not only within the borders of Turkey Turkey is also an important supporter may also take place under other countries digitalisation and together we can evaluate this great opportunity. " he spoke. “We want to exist strongly in the field of e-commerce by using our broad customer base,” said Deegan.

“The customer can almost go and find it, providing the best service they want”

Hepsiburada Senior Manager (CEO) Murat Emirdağ stated that it is necessary to consider digital transformation and innovation together with the geography, “I think it is necessary to combine Silicon Valley with the Grand Bazaar. I say this because of this; we system, data, process, technology and innovation in Silicon Valley ... We will use them all. We all have the infrastructure, knowledge, experience to do this, but we will never forget the local dynamics and the human factor, the dynamics of trade. ” said. Stating that the importance of the data will increase more than ever in e-commerce, Emirdağ said that with the development of international trade, the borders between the countries have disappeared and a customer can almost go and find it, which provides the best service they want.

 Turkey entrepreneurs in the system, or buy or 'wait and sank pushing' point

Getir Founder Nazım Salur said that Getir, which they founded 5 years ago, was not the clone of any initiative in the world, and they were the first company to implement the “home delivery in 10 minutes” model in the world. That Turkey does at startup and growing technology companies in protecting a financial instrument for the transfer of Saluda, "Turkey in the system or entrepreneurs selling or 'pushing sank to wait' point." used the expression.

Stating that the entrepreneurship ecosystem is actually expecting indirect contributions from the state, Salur said, “The replacement of a word in a law article with a bag of law in the parliament one night will cause that startup to become a unicorn in the future.” used expressions.

On the last day of the summit to be held tomorrow HBR Chief of Turkey Serdar Turan moderator will do. PTT General Manager at Summit Hakan Gültan, Borusan Logistics General Manager Mehmet Tin, MNG Cargo Executive Board Chairman Salim Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union with the Sun (TOBB) Vice President Tamer Kiran, 'Digitalization and Logistics' about to be found in the description.

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