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Programs and software developed in today's technology contribute to the advancement of the users functionally. As ekol IT and consultancy services solution partner, we offer you many services in order to assist in all necessary situations and to offer solutions.

About Us

Since 2002, we provide services that try to develop software systems in the IT sector, which has been developing rapidly, with its business partners and experienced staff, and to advance on the basis of efficiency. Dia software Our aim is to innovate, develop and develop.

What are Dia Software Objectives?

Dia software We aim to meet the control, regulation and development needs of different sectors of large and medium enterprises, educational institutions, government or private institutions. all of dia software DİA, which operates online on our infrastructure systems developed by the company, offers a commercial package program with the SaaS model.

Who Should Prefer Dia Software Services?

Dia software platform; It supports you with its services designed for all our employees who do scientific studies, especially tourism and health.

Why Dia Software Should Be Preferred?

In order to create awareness and support development, we are developing modules that are suitable for the needs every day with our expert staff. Dia develops a useful interface by offering businesses access through a single system.

What Are Our Solutions?

  • Stock and Warehouse Management
  • Finance Management
  • Accounting Management
  • E Government Solutions
  • Merchandising Management
  • Mobile Management System
  • E Commerce Management

What are E Government Solutions?

With E government solutions, our users can easily monitor their systems and create the necessary data analysis. Businesses can carry out their transactions by protecting their data and benefit from our opportunities. You can carry out your transactions with our online, reliable and integrated solutions.

One of these solutions is e-invoice portal and online integration. With e-invoice, our users can create invoices and transmit them on the online platform. In addition to bringing quick interaction and ease of process to the users of E invoice, storage opportunities are brought to life.

What is Integration Management?

The RIA Corporate Management System is contacted directly with the Revenue Administration through Integration Management. 7/24 uninterrupted connection opportunity is provided.

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