DHMI KIK Meeting Was Held

dhmi kik meeting was held
dhmi kik meeting was held

DHMI 2020/1 KIK Meeting was held with delay due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

General Manager Assistant Mehmet Karakan and Head of Human Resources Department Çiğdem Güvenç, Representing the Employer, Mr. Çiğdem Güvenç, Chairman of the Human Resources Department, representing the Employer, was held between the General Directorate of DHMI and the Transport Officer-Sen on 19.06.2020. Kenan Çalışkan, Deputy Chairman Murat Olgun and Ankara No.2020 Branch President Kenan Balcı attended.

President Çalışkan, at the meeting; For the motivation and peace of mind of DHMI personnel, for the responsive and equitable approach of the Institution Managers and all employees who have contributed to the requests regarding the elimination of the title separation in the allocated lodgings, the payment of the clothing aid, the provision of sports clothes to the RFF personnel, and the opening of the Promotion Exam. stated that they thanked.

The topics discussed in the meeting are as follows;

Requests from the Administrative Board of the Authority:

1- Employment of Guard and Security Officer personnel working in the Institution at the age of 46, and their transition to Apron Officer in all positions, ending and being evaluated in the Officer position.

2- Our union has been informed that the E-Appointment directive, which we have requested at the JCC Meetings in order to ensure that everyone is subject to displacement under equal conditions as of 2014, has been abolished, and after the evaluation of the physical conditions of the airports of the new Directive to be prepared, after the determination of the minimum and maximum number of personnel, arrangement to meet the requirements. (Our opinions and suggestions regarding the Relocation Directive will be notified to the Authority in an official letter.)

3- To ensure that the staff working in the position of ARFF Officer apply to the Chief (GİH) position in Promotion Examinations.

The parenthesis of the personnel serving as Chief (ARFF) is removed and evaluated in the Title Group, which is the equivalent of the Title Group.

4- Implementation of the decision taken in the previous meeting on complementary health insurance.

5- To ensure that Upgrade / Change of Title Exams, which are important for increasing the belonging and motivation of the staff, are opened immediately. As requested by our union before in writing; Increasing the number for the chief position, taking into account the vacant position of the Institution.

6- Assessment of the Interview Score in the exams to be held within the framework of the Regulation on Promotion and Change of Title in a way that prevents the effect of the Interview Score at an equal rate with the exam score.

(For example, Written Exam Score Coefficient is 80%, Interview Exam Score Coefficient: 20%.)

7- The working time of the personnel varies on the basis of Airports during the pandemic process. In order to ensure uniformity, semi-flexible personnel working in normal working hours and shift personnel according to 24/72 guard system until international flights are opened.

8- To work on regulations for updating quotas allocated for lodging allocations and increasing the number of queue allocations. (38/100)

9- Changing the title of the staff working in AIM Officer position to Aviation Information Specialist.

To continue the recruitment of some of the personnel to be assigned to the AIM position with the KPSS assignment and some of them from within the Institution.

10- To ensure that those who are assigned to the Institution within the Scope of Anti-Terrorism Law No. 3713 are assigned to the Technical Staff. (As in SHÇEK)

11- In the JCC Meetings, it has been requested to maintain shifts in places such as Guard booths, Environment towers, Stations such as (VOR / NDB / SSY, etc.), but no arrangements have been made so far. The issue needs to be reconsidered.

12- The service grievances discussed at the previous JCC Meeting continue. It is important that the issue is resolved by the relevant presidency.

13- As in titles that are among the equivalent positions of the Basic Wage Group of the personnel working in the position of Driver and Construction Equipment Driver (Officer, Technician, etc. in the Administrative Service Group) II. It is one of the indispensable articles of our Union in the Collective Bargaining and KPK Agendas and the DHMI request is made to the General Directorate of Labor as the State Personnel Presidency is closed.

In addition, meeting the demands of the personnel who work in the Chauffeur Position and wish to switch to the Construction Equipment Driver position, if necessary.

14- Personnel who actually work as a Protection and Security Officer and have a University graduate, National Security Auditor, EADB Member, authorized instructor certificate within the scope of SHT 17.2, are required to be employed as Aviation Security Specialists. making attempts. (Justification details are attached.)

15- Employment of those who are willing of the doctorate staff in the position of Specialist.

16- Making new arrangements about overtime payment of shift personnel.

17- The revision of the letter written by our union on DHMİ General Directorate about the Checkpoint Authority by the General Directorate of Security regarding the article was revised and the decision was made within the framework of the Provincial Coordination Decision and the provision of this service was carried out by the personnel who have the conditions and experience in the Aviation sector.

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