Railway Memories: 'Only Railroad Moments from the Language of the Railroader'

railroad memoirs only railroad moments from the language of the railroad
railroad memoirs only railroad moments from the language of the railroad

A verb 31 years 10 months, 3 years Railway Vocational High School During my 35 years of railroading, we experienced or witnessed many incidents, accident train breaks, train escapes, catenary accidents. Many sad hand accidents, etc. But there are enjoyable, joyful and even funny moments as well as the challenging aspects of the train.

Machinism is an attractive and desirable profession for non-railroaders, questions come one after another from the citizen, I am a railroader, my mechanic. No train, did you have a steering wheel, did you ever have an accident? Even if you think that steam locomotives are still working, they start telling us, "We went to Erzincan in 3 days while going to military service from Ankara by land train."

Especially after retirement, they ask similar questions immediately even in short conversations. We have become accustomed to these curious questions of civilian citizens, and many of my colleagues have been addressed by such questions.

One day, we were both chatting and drinking tea in a group of 8-10 people, and at that time, when I made an announcement in a news on TV saying, "The bloody man ruthlessly cut 3 people," I immediately thought of making a joke. I said; I said, "Ohooo, did all three people forget the number of people I cut?" It was ice cold, everyone looked startled at me, of course, because I said with a smile, they probably had different thoughts, of course, it is normal for a machinist to say this in a normal way if mortal accidents occur during his work life. Of course, people do not know that the Railroaders are said to be “MAN KESTİK” when hitting a person. Anyway, I had to explain the events in detail so that people could not be more anxious, and those who understand the event were between laughing and crying.

Year 1981/82; After inexperience in military service, Ulş.Çvş in distribution. As I had been dispersed to Derince, a sergeant from the circuits before us was throwing an air like "I traveled a lot, I saw a lot of places, I lived with such a magnificent look." When he blows like this;

  • How many times a year do you travel like this? I asked.
  • He said I would travel 4-5 months a year
  • So how many places do you go daily in these 4-5 months? I said.
  • He said that sometimes I visited 2 places a day.
  • How much is the value of the car under it? I asked.
  • He said zero 35 million lira.
  • I thought something too, I said your car, your travels will be zero next to me and I started to laugh. He looked at my face like he said.
  • Under me, there are 12-13 trillion cars, each time I have another model, another plate, my morning breakfast in Eskişehir, my lunch in Balıkesir, my dinner in İzmir, 3 days later, I will fall on the roads, my dinner in Eskişehir, I said I will have my breakfast in Afyon and my lunch in Denizli. I always do this at least 2-3 times a week, sometimes I have my dinner in Ankara, sometimes in Istanbul, my breakfast and sometimes in Konya, sometimes in Bilecik, especially when I travel to Istanbul, I love breakfast while watching the sea. It's not a lie either.
  • The locomotive of the machinist makes trillions, moreover he gets on different locomotives in every service, he eats in different places in every service, doesn't he?


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