Cyber ​​Security in the Energy Sector

cyber security in the energy sector
cyber security in the energy sector

One of the areas where cyber security is the most important is the energy sector. A cyber attack that can be directed to the energy sector can seriously affect all energy-dependent sectors and therefore the country's economy, as it endangers human life and risks the partial or complete shutdown of the network.

The world's largest energy companies; prefers CyberX to protect its production, transmission and distribution systems from cyber attacks.

CyberX, with its advanced analysis capabilities, protects the leading electricity and gas plants worldwide, especially the 5 energy companies in the US, against cyber hazards.

Why CyberX,

  • It offers continuous monitoring and cyber vulnerability management on operational networks.
  • With its detailed inventory architecture, it clearly shows how devices in the entire network communicate and cyber security risks.
  • Provides "One Click" SOC integration to provide unified security management.

The industry's innovative cyber security platform secures today and tomorrow.

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