Çorlu Train Disaster Trial Postponed to 4 November

corlu tren faciasi case postponed to november
corlu tren faciasi case postponed to november

The 25th hearing of the lawsuit opened in the province of Çorlu, Tekirdağ, which is among the 'icon' events of the AKP period, where 328 people died and 5 people were injured. Relatives of the deceased and injured walked to the court with banners in their hands, chanting "Right, law, justice". The case was postponed to 4 November

Istanbul from Uzunköprü district of Edirne HalkalıThe passenger train, which has 362 passengers and 6 personnel moving to go to Istanbul, was derailed on July 8, 2018, near the Sarılar District of Çorlu district of Tekirdağ. In the massacre due to negligence, 7 children, 25 people died and 328 people were injured.

TCDD 1st Regional Directorate by Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office Halkalı Turgut Kurt served as Railway Maintenance Manager at 14's Railway Maintenance Directorate. Çerkezköy Özkan Polat, who is the Road Maintenance and Repair Chief in the Road Maintenance Chief, and Celaleddin Çabuk, who worked as a Line Maintenance and Repair Officer in the Road Care Chief, and Bridges Chief Çetin Yıldırım, who works within the body of TCDD and has his signature in the annual public inspection report in May. A lawsuit was filed at the Çorlu 2st High Criminal Court, demanding a prison sentence of 15 years to 1 years for the cause of injury.

The indictment has been criticized on the grounds that it has not brought real persons to justice.

Uzunköprü-Halkalı While the train, which made its trip, was on the way on July 8, 2018, 25 people died and 328 were injured as a result of the overthrow of the Tekirdağ Çorlu district, Sarılar Mahallesi. The 5th hearing of the Çorlu train massacre case, where an investigation full of scandals and the judicial process was conducted from the beginning, was held yesterday at the Çorlu 1st High Criminal Court.

hearing the following, including support to the families and friends of those killed in the massacre in Turkey Workers Party (TIP), Deputy Chairman of the Peace Atay, Republican People's Party (CHP) deputies Muharrem Male, Ali Sugar, cordially Almighty, the Democratic Party of the People (HDPE) deputy Serpil KemalBay and many lawyers.

It was noteworthy that there were more police officers at the hearing.

The court board announced its interim decision. Accordingly, it was decided to make an exploration on 15 July and postpone the hearing to 4 November. In the decision, all the demands of the complainant lawyers were rejected, and a 7-person expert committee was formed.

The families of the Çorlu train massacre wanted to meet with the prosecutor, but the prosecutor said they could meet in half an hour. Families are waiting to meet with the prosecutor in front of the courthouse.

Families who react to the decision after the prosecutor's opinion go to the prosecutor's office. The court took an hour off after listening to the defendants.

The prosecutor explains his opinion:

It was decided to ask ITU about the determination of the rain meter device, to accept the objections about the experts, to reject the testimony of the witnesses whose testimony was taken, and to reject the defendants' requests for detention.

Upon the prosecutor's refusal to re-testify the witnesses whose testimony was taken on instructions, families who reacted left the courtroom.

Mısra Öz rebelled against the judges' delegation and the police who attracted her:

“All of them are clowns of the palace! I'm Misra Öz. Take a picture of me. The mother of Oğuz Arda Sel. These judges made me a defendant. Because I told them they're playing three monkeys. They are laundering murderers ”

Lawyer Emre Erdal speaks:

There is no count of how many people are removed from which wagon. Law enforcement does this with the crime scene camera. But I could not see a CD in the file. We demand that a warrant be written to law enforcement. We demand the trial of all responsible and the extension of the file.

Lawyer Duygu Arslan speaks:

We think that we have traveled a barley length in 5 sessions. The defendants are not even aware of the formation of the crime. Likewise the witnesses. This kazanWe want eyewitnesses to be heard. It is not possible to attribute a crime with the evidence presented by the court.

Lawyer Mustafa Ersin: There is a rainfall report in the file between the hearings. No precipitation until 14.30:XNUMX. The next precipitation is also low, not the heavy precipitation data that will create a disaster. KazanThere is 2 hours and 13 minutes between the time of the rain and the fall of the last rainfall. So TCDD has this much time to prevent the accident.

Hunting. Selvi Yüzbaşıoğlu speaks:

We have notified our objections to those who may be experts. There are candidates who have a relationship with TCDD. Academicians from YTU, Assoc. Dr. Halit Özen and Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Sinan Yardım is an expert in road systems. We think that the people who will be experts in such a file should be more competent.

From Haci Bektashi Veli University, Dr. We also have objections about Serhat Çelik. The subject matter and area of ​​expertise are not the same. Assoc. Dr. We do not consider Mustafa Gürsoy appropriate to be an expert witness in this case. He teaches a few lessons, but his research is not suited to the case.

Dr. Hakan Aslan also does not have enough work on the subject of the case, we did not find it competent. İrfan Pamuk from Sakarya University is also doing studies that are not related to the case. We object to these people acting as experts.

Lawyer Onur Şahinkaya speaks:

Our opinion is that we are faced with disrespect from the day of the incident. TCDD says 'Your lives may be ruined, but you will be silent, we will not arrest even one person'. Witnesses say there is no measuring device. In the internal report of TCDD, it is stated that 'there was a measuring device of Davis brand' based on ITU. Moreover, TCDD distorted the ITU report. They called 45 mm of precipitation extraordinary. There is distortion arrogance. The questions you sent to Mümin Karasu were given beforehand. It has made written preparation. Karasu knows the reward he will receive when he makes this statement.

Participating representatives were promised. Lawyer Can Atalay speaks:

'The nature of the rain is documented in your file. It is too obvious to need a witness statement. Force majeure is too obvious to be counted. It is claimed that the culverts were made properly. The defendants said that at the first hearing we told about the problems of this culvert. Someone said I prepared more than 300 documents. Force majeure justification is not plausible. It is an open issue with the document evidence in the file. I think the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor and the political power prevent the proper prosecution. The issue is not rain, it is necessary to look at the systemic. I am interested in the social and political consequences of TCDD's roads becoming neglected due to privatization. There are defendants who should come to the file. I request two witnesses to be heard in the presence of this because it violates the procedural principle. The system is primarily responsible for the deaths of these people. This file contains possible intent, not negligence.

The commons are talking

Oğuz Arda Sel's grandfather Mehmet Öz: How many seats are there in a car? (To the defendants) Where was the number 366 given after the accident? There were about 600 passengers here. Didn't the prosecution investigate this? Make up this math.

Bihter Bilgin's mother Zeliha Bilgin: Would the accident happen again if that culvert had not been built? Because I trust TCDD, I have entrusted my children and my brothers. I do not understand about rain, but if that culvert had not been made, there would have been accidents again with the last rains. Mümin Karasu has been appointed as a consultant. While I want to see him as a defendant, I condemn being a consultant.

Sena Kösen's mother, Aysun Köse: We should not learn what TCDD does from the side farms. TCDD should have illuminated this.

Funda Köse, mother of Gülce Dikmen and Özgenur Dikmen: I was also on the train. The train that went slow the day before went fast that day. Why?

Ekrem Tuna, the wife of Melek Tuna: We went by train that day Çerkezköy'to. The train went slow. We returned 3 hours later. The number of passengers increased at each stop. New passengers could not even get tickets. There were many standing people. Nearly 800 people were on the train that day.

Serhat Şahin's father Hüseyin Şahin: You brought people from the wrong farm. Why doesn't anyone come from Asil Akın Farm? All the defendants here must be tried in custody. What about those who are promoted? Why are you kidding our minds?

Ergün Kerpiç's brother, Yeter Gülaçan: It was very slow when I got on the train before the accident. But on the day of the accident, everyone says that it is going fast.

Emel Duman's wife, Erkan Duman, asked Turgut Kurt: “If only one culvert was enough for that road, why was a new culvert built near it after the accident? Two days ago there was a flood, but the train route did not fall apart. "


Necmettin Sel, father of Hakan Sel, who died in the accident and grandfather of Oğuz Arda, speaks: “Why isn't the contractor making this culvert not brought to us? Bring the real responsible to us. If the Minister is the Minister, then he should come before us. Is this Minister more valuable than our children? "

Derya Kurtuluş's wife, Beren Kurtuluş's father Melih Kurtuluş speaks: ”You make the grille so that rainwater flows. When you do it, you do it according to your standards. There is a culvert so that rain can pass. If a culvert breaks down in the rain, there is an ignorance there. ”


Mısra Öz, who lost her son Oğuz Arda Sel: The statements of 3 witnesses could be taken in normal time. The real important people are not brought. While believing Karasu should have been a defendant, his statement was taken as a witness. When we went to listen to his statement, I saw that it was illegal, the questions had been given before, and the answers were written on the pages. You did not hear our demands. Mümin Karasu became a consultant. It's been 718 days. We are at the 5th hearing. Do not be indifferent to our demands. Do not be blinded or ignored.

The witness Günay Solak testifies:

I have been working at Çalışkan farm for 4 years. I am doing agricultural work. I live on the farm all the time. I was on the farm the day of the incident. I was 300-400 meters from the railway and about a kilometer from the accident site. It started to rain around 16.00 on the day of the incident. Suddenly it rained and passed. I can say a lot of rainfall. There was a lot of rain that day. I saw the most precipitation on that day in 4 years. We did not have a device for measuring precipitation during the accident period. I've never been to the scene. No injuries came to the farm. Ambulances also came to the farms around us.

The client's lawyer Onur Şahinkaya: Did a delegation come about 2 months after the accident?

Gunay Solak: It didn't come to us. I do not know. They came from TCDD. They asked how it happened, we said we didn't know. No minutes were kept.

The deputy of the customer, Emre Erdal: When did you first see the authorities after the incident? Have you seen a helicopter?

Gunay Solak: About 1 hour later, the authorities came. I saw the helicopter, it went to the crash site.

Vahdet Atak, a witness working at Çalışkan Farm, speaks:

I was not at the farm on the day of the incident, but I brought bread there that day. The distance of the farm to the railway is 700-800 meters. On the day of the incident, I brought bread to the family working on the farm. I learned about the incident later on TV. I stayed an hour and a half on the farm at noon, there was a little rain. I did not see floods during my stay. Even though it is not as much as April and May, it rains in the region where I work. Where I worked there was no rain gauge to record on the day of the event. I went to the scene around 12-1 on the night of the incident, with the directive of my boss. No injuries were brought to our farm.

The deputy of the customer, Onur Şahinkaya, asks: Did an official come to the farm afterwards?

Vahdet Attack: Although he came, I did not see it.

Lawyer: ITU delegation detected a Davis brand measuring device.

Vahdet Attack: Absolutely no measuring device. It seemed that the precipitation at the accident date was less than the precipitation in this period. I did not see a helicopter in the area that night.

The court hearing the witnesses

Ergün Kerpiç's brother, who died in the train massacre, speaks: My brother was 39 years old, two children were orphaned. I'm complaining until the end.

Cemiloğlu Haras Business Manager Birol Kuzgun: I was in the stud all day on the day of the incident. Our distance to the railway is 250-300 meters. Although not certain, rainfall occurred at intervals of time. There was heavy rain during some periods. Those were the periods of rainfall. It was similar to the rains we experienced during these weeks. At that time, there were rains that extended to July. There is no station that measures precipitation where I work. When it rains, we drain the water in the farm through some drainage channels. After the accident I went to the scene, after an estimated 15 minutes. It is difficult to describe the crime scene. People cannot speak. There was a state of turmoil there. As I said, I find it difficult to speak while saying these.

The lawyer asks: Did anyone come to you as a prosecutor on or after the event?

Birol Kuzgun: Later, a team from TCDD and ITU came for the discovery.

The client's lawyer: Did the helicopter arrive at the scene to save the injured after the incident?

Birol Kuzgun: No it did not come.

The 5th trial of the trial on which the suspects of the Çorlu train massacre was tried started at the Çorlu Public Education Center.

The hearing taken to Çorlu Public Education Center will start at 10.00 due to the insufficient capacity of the hall in Çorlu Courthouse. Families seeking justice, like before every trial, came together in Çorlu Power Plant Park and walked to the Public Education Center.


Last year, the trial began in the Corlu Palace of Justice in the Conference Hall of 3 people, which was held as the 1st High Criminal Court. However, the relatives and injured of those who lost their lives were not taken in because there was no room in the hall.

After the events, the hearing was taken to the 600-July Hall of 15 people in Çorlu Public Education Center on the Bülent Ecevit Boulevard in Çorlu's Çoban Çeşme District.

Before the 5th hearing today, the relatives of those who died in the accident and those who were injured in the accident gathered about 1 km from Çorlu Public Education Center and came on foot. Families carrying photographs of those who died in their hands shouted "Right, law, justice" slogans.

'We did not expect miracles, we wanted justice'

In the accident, Zehra Bilgin, whose daughter Bihter Bilgin, her sisters Emel Duman and Derya Kurtuluş lost her nephew 6-month-old Beren Kurtuluş, said in her speech on behalf of families:

“It's been 718 days since I left my daughter. We have no children, no siblings, no lives, no wives, no mothers. We had only one thing we wanted in this two-year process, we did not expect miracles from anyone, we did not want anything. We said 'give us justice', we want justice. My son, my brothers, 25 lives will not come back. But we said no mother, father, sister and brother should burn like us. As a mother, I want my sons' murderers to be tried. ”

Source: One day

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