Corendon Airlines Starts Direct Flights from Brussels to Eskişehir

corendon airlines starts direct services from bruksel to old city
corendon airlines starts direct services from bruksel to old city

Corendon Airlines, which has been attacking by increasing the number of its flights from Europe to Anatolian cities in recent years, announced the schedule of its flights from Brussels to Eskişehir as of July 3, during the summer season.

Corendon, which has regularly increased the number of flights on European-Anatolian lines in order to facilitate the access of Turks in Europe to their countries by direct flights, has added this line to its flight schedule by taking into consideration the demand of Belgium and its surrounding Turkish citizens living in Eskişehir, Emirdağ and Afyon.

Corendon Airlines CEO Yıldıray Karaer explained that these flights, which they will organize this season, have attracted great attention since there are many Turkish citizens who are longing to travel to their hometown from Europe despite the pandemic process. Karaer, as Corendon Airlines, announced that they made their first flight to Eskişehir Hasan Polatkan Airport on 05 August 2009 with a Boeing 737-300 type aircraft and now they will start again by organizing 3 flights a week to Brussels-Eskişehir line as of July 2. “Our goal is to continue these flights with our Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which is the base in Brussels, by continuously expanding the flight plan for 12 months of the year”.

As of June 27, Corendon Airlines will also start flying from Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Austria to 12 cities in Anatolia.

Booking flexibility for passengers who purchase their tickets from Corendon Airlines

Corendon Airlines also guarantees the passengers' tickets by providing flexible reservations for its anxious guests when making a reservation due to the changing agenda and different practices of the countries, while also longing for the holiday in the pandemic process. Stating that passengers can easily make reservations from Corendon Airlines with the “Ticket Safe” campaign, Yıldıray Karaer said, “For the comfort of our guests, we offer free dates and line changes for all reservations. Passengers who purchase their ticket from Corendon Airlines until 15 July 2020 will be able to request a date and line change until 7 days before their flight dates. This campaign, which we organize to give flexibility to holiday plans and encourage reservation, will continue during the 2020 Summer season, until October 31, 2020. Our passengers will be able to postpone their flights until October 31, 2021 and change their tickets to the destination they want. ” He made a statement. Details of the “Ticket Safe with Corendon Airlines” campaign It can be accessed from the page.

Flying from Eskişehir to Brussels 39,99 Euro!

The schedule of Brussels-Eskişehir flights offered by Corendon Airlines for sale starting from 39,99 Euro is as follows:


Rattan Day Flight number Departure Arrival Period
Start Finish
Eskisehir-Brussels Tuesday CAI 5991 23:30 03:55 7.07.2020 27.10.2020
Brussels - Eskisehir Cuma CAI 5991 22:30 02:55 3.07.2020 30.10.2020
Rattan Day Flight number Departure Arrival Period
Start Finish
Eskisehir - Brussels Wednesday CAI 5992 04:55 7:30 8.07.2020 28.10.2020
Eskisehir - Brussels Saturday CAI 5992 04:20 06:55 4.07.2020 31.10.2020
  • The hours are local.

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