Cheap Fire Escape

Cheap fire escapes
Cheap fire escapes

As escape staircase systems, it is vital in living spaces and workplaces. fire escapesThese are the systems that must be done carefully in the assembly stage in terms of location and usage area. Z type and circular staircase systems are priced by evaluating in terms of size and capacity, and the prices differ over the materials used.

Fire Escape Systems Features

The escape stairs should be positioned in such a way as to allow them to go out at ground level. As a result of building age and location, Fire escape system should be installed in this way by calculating. The door opening outside the building should be adjusted to accommodate at least two people, according to the building's capacity. In order to be a safe ladder, it must be fixed and well maintained, and should not be used in daily navigation.

  • There should be systems manufactured with fire department approval.
  • It must be positioned in accordance with the escape plan, in accordance with the building planning.
  • Building infrastructure systems should not be located in the location where the ladder is located, it should be built in an area away from the electrical and shaft housing.
  • The width of the stairs should be 250 mm over head recovery.
  • There should be walls and balustrades on the sides of the stairs.


Fire Escape Assembly Procedures

Circular and Z-type stairs cheapest fire escape It can take place among the systems. However, the changes in the size of the iron and steel materials used in the construction of the stairs according to the building structure can create price differences. Escape stairs should be positioned according to the area of ​​use and person's capacity, and also should be done in accordance with the regulation. The robustness of the area where the staircase will be constructed should be discovered during the assembly phase, and the building escape plan should be explored together with expert teams and implemented. The assembly process to be performed by experienced and expert people will be carried out in accordance with the rules of handrails and handrails.

Cheapest Fire Escape Systems

Cheapest fire escape systems are primarily built within the framework of ethical values, in accordance with fire department approval. These systems, which will be made by evaluating the door width, landing and hall capacity, differ according to the steel and iron structure. With the discovery team, free discovery will be made and you will be offered ladder systems that are convenient for you, which are not costly annoying. These vital systems are made carefully during the construction and assembly stages.

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