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channel istanbul output from imamoglundan

📩 03/06/2020 10:15

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluvisited İSTON, which was awarded the “gold certificate” by the International Concrete Sustainability Council. Receiving the gold certificate on behalf of İSTON, which is included in the list of Turkey's top 500 companies, İmamoğlu emphasized that their aim is to achieve such successes within the scope of the entire institution. Stating that the first issue of Istanbul is the earthquake issue, which requires a supra-political approach, İmamoğlu said, “Even in an environment where Istanbul has such important problems, even at a time when people cannot solve the process that threatens their lives, and cannot get over this psychology, there is no such talk of talk about Kanal Istanbul. We will not be part of the material of meaningless rulership figures who We exist with our institutions. IMM is an important engine power and locomotive of Turkey in every sense.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluattended the ceremony where ISTON, which meets the infrastructure and superstructure urban reinforcement needs of the city, was awarded a gold certificate by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC). İmamoğlu met with Yavuz Işık, President of European Ready Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) and Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (THBB), and Ziya Gökmen Togay, General Manager of İSTON, before the ceremony held at the facilities of İBB subsidiary İSTON in Tuzla. The delegation, which had a one-on-one meeting for a while in the presence of the IMM senior management, then went to the ceremony area. Togay and Işık delivered the first speeches at the ceremony.


Making the last speech of the ceremony, İmamoğlu said, “We are in the ceremony of a proud document. We see this document as a proud representation of the philosophy that we have defined as a new generation understanding, a new generation municipality, and that we have introduced since 2019. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed. ” Reminding that İSTON received the award of Hadımköy facilities in Tuzla, İmamoğlu wished that similar success would be achieved in the facility here. Underlining that they want to achieve such successes within the whole institution, İmamoğlu stated that they are planning their work in this direction.

“If we block the treachery, we will see that the concrete is innocent”

Concrete, İmamoğlu stating that Turkey and the world needs, "but should be reasonable and defined correctly. By integrating with engineering, architecture, planning and management, smooth and livable cities and countries should be created. Concrete is an important stakeholder in that development. It is a need item in many points that are visible and not visible. Therefore, the culprit is not the concrete itself. There is a crime. I even regret that I declare that - this statement is not my own - as the administrators have stated from time to time, there are also ways of management that betray it. If we prevent betrayal and add intelligence and science as the most important stakeholder to these processes, we see how innocent concrete is actually. If these principles are not included in the process and there are betrayals, if we put concrete in front of it, we would be unfair. Criminals of this work; we rank managers, technical people, decision makers and practitioners of the process. ”


İmamoğlu noted that İSTON is an important institution and thanked everyone who contributed from the past of the affiliate to today and conveyed their gratitude. İmamoğlu said, “In terms of taking this much further; With a transparent management approach, we want to carry this process to a higher level by managing it in a way that feels and shows that every penny belongs to the public every day. This document has increased the responsibility of İSTON. The steps to be taken here are not only the people of Istanbul, but only the IMM; All municipalities in Turkey, all the institutions, let's not forget that the organizations concerned. We have already set our subsidiaries to be affiliates serving outside the border and continue their development at this point as well, ”he said.


Reminding that he had to obtain reliable structures for earthquakes, Imamoglu said:

“We have never removed this issue from our agenda. We continued our works during the pandemic period. ISTON is part of it. We initiated a process for the measurability of the building stock in Istanbul. We recently organized a 'hackhaton' about the earthquake. From there, we achieved very valuable and efficient results. We have 2 points where we started the 'Earthquake Education Park' process, the project of which has now been completed. We also have steps with KIPTAS to meet the need for strong and reliable housing. In the social housing concept, we will make our production with applications that never and never make us feel the low quality in a dwelling purchased by any citizen at an affordable price. These are all a matter of the solution of the earthquake problem. One of the most important issues here is concrete quality. ”


Emphasizing that Istanbul has a dense population structure, Imamoğlu underlined that transformation and empowerment in this sense cannot be ignored. Drawing attention to the need for all sectoral stakeholders in urban transformation, İmamoğlu said, “I have communicated this to our Minister of Urbanism before. We have stated that this work should be managed with a higher mind and that we cannot solve the earthquake otherwise. We have stated that Istanbul needs an 'Earthquake Council'. Of course, the pandemic process will end. The human mind will find the solution to this work. But an earthquake is a threat at the door that we don't know when it will come. As well as a major trauma for Turkey's economy. It creates a greater trauma than the pandemic process, God bless. Of course, our ministry should manage the process. Let the IMM and Istanbul Governorship be locomotives. If we do not mature this process and make it a social issue, we will only boil it in the political cauldron. ”


Reminding that the earthquake was the main issue, İmamoğlu stated that he had sent a letter to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, about 3 weeks ago. "Nobody can make this business a stakeholder of a political wobble," said İmamoğlu, "Our common mind, human resources are capable and capable of solving this process. However, this should be an opportunity. Earthquake is a supra-political issue. Nobody can have political material. This business is neither the work of the IMM alone, nor the job of a government. In this way, if we do not prioritize the issue, there will be someone in the country who is in vain, trying to keep the agenda to talk about Kanal Istanbul even on such a day. Even in an environment where Istanbul has such important problems, we will not be a part of the material of meaningless management figures, who have been bitter enough to speak about Kanal Istanbul, even in a period when people cannot solve the life threatening process and have not yet been able to overcome this psychology. We exist with our institutions. IMM is an important engine power of Turkey in every sense, is the locomotive. Its affiliates should also bear this responsibility. ISTON also carries this responsibility. Today, we had a good example, "he said.


After the speeches, the certificate presentation ceremony started. İmamoğlu received the “Gold Certificate of the International Concrete Sustainability Council Responsible Use of Resources Certification System” from Işık. İmamoğlu handed over the certificate he received from Işık to ISTON General Manager Togay. İmamoğlu and the accompanying delegation toured İSTON Tuzla facilities after the ceremony.


Providing administrative, environmental, social and economic criteria, İSTON has proven its compliance with international norms regarding resource use as a producer. Responsible Use of Resources Certification System, which is accepted worldwide for the concrete industry and concrete components, will bring sectoral superiority to ISTON as a preferred organization in prestigious buildings. The document is also; It provides preference advantage in the scope of “Green Purchase” in projects and public tenders that want to obtain a Green Building Certificate in the private sector. In addition, this certification system offers İSTON the opportunity to benefit from financial incentives for sustainable construction. ISTON continues its efforts to bring the Responsible Use of Resources Certification System by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) to its other facilities. In 2020, it is aimed to obtain the CSC Responsible Use Certification System Gold Certificate for all facilities.

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