Çambaşı Nature Facilities are Getting More Modern Conditions

cambasi nature facilities have more modern conditions
cambasi nature facilities have more modern conditions

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its investment activities in Çambaşı Plateau with a altitude of 2 thousand.

ORBEL A.Ş., a subsidiary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Çambaşı Plateau, which is mentioned frequently with its Nature Facilities, is preparing to become one of the favorite places of tourism. Metropolitan Mayor Dr. With the facility where modern projects will be implemented and improvement works are carried out in the field with the instructions of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, Ordu becomes an example of local development. Çambaşı Plateau, where tourism will be held not only in certain months of the year but also in 12 months, greatly contributes to the city's economy.


Expressing that Ordu Metropolitan Municipality is not a rival to the sector, but an institution that encourages work, ORBEL A.Ş General Manager Muhammet Günaydın said, “We have a facility that lives all four seasons in our Çambaşı Plateau. In our plateau, highland tourism in summer and ski tourism in winter is carried out. Our difference from other facilities is that it is not only preferred in winter but can be lived in 4 seasons and is completely open to the public. This year has been a year in which the highest number of people entered and exited Çambaşı compared to previous years. Everyone benefited from this, including our tradesmen and dolmuş drivers who provided transportation. Everyone here got their share of the pie. As we increase the attraction here, so do our tradesmen. kazanit's gone. Çambaşı Plateau has a tourism future. We will not be a competitor to the sector, we will be an incentive to work. In this sense, we want to involve the private sector. With the increase in the attractiveness of this place, we also receive a lot of demand from our investors. Our investors, even from America, visited us on this issue”.


General Manager Muhammet Günaydın, who gave information about the activities to be carried out and to be carried out in order to make Çambaşı Nature Facilities more modern, said, “Our correction works to correct the negative effects on the ski slopes are ongoing. We increase the lighting on the track. Thus, the track will be open for use in the late hours. We will make a restaurant with a ski terrace adjacent to the ski room and snack sales points that can meet the needs of our athletes without removing their skis. At the same time, we will increase the existing restaurant capacity and create a more comfortable use area. We will implement the marching band project for our novice skiers. We will create a sled area and a Snow Bike area for our daily guests. We will do ATV tours in the summer. We will create both sales and product display sections for incoming tourists to recognize and buy local products. We will start the summer sled application. By making a new chairlift, we will enable skiing in all kinds of weather conditions. We want those who stay here to feel away from the city by staying in a natural environment. In this sense, we will create concepts that will reflect the mountain air in our new bungalows. In addition to all these studies, we also carry out approximately 3.000 afforestation works. Planting trees in this area is a difficult matter. In this sense, we achieved 80% success. We continue our efforts for a new Çambaşı, a renewed facility. ”


General Manager Günaydın, which was initiated under the leadership of Ordu Industrialists and Businessmen Association with ORBEL A.Ş, a subsidiary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, and which was built by Çambaşı Yatırım A.Ş. This hotel will cost 5 million in total. As ORBEL, we undertake 5% partnership of the hotel. We held the roof and exterior tender of this place. Technical files and costs are prepared for all fine works. These transactions will be completed within an estimated month. We will tender the remaining parts completely. Our goal is to be ready for the 50-33 season with full capacity. In this sense, our work continues at full speed. With the completion of the work we will do in our hotel and facility, we will be an exemplary facility and a city for the local development model. ”


Stating that two projects will be applied to Çambaşı as a result of negotiations with YEDAŞ, ORBEL A.Ş General Manager Muhammet Günaydın said, “Dear President Dr. Meetings were held with YEDAŞ on the occasion of Mehmet Hilmi Güler's past ministry of energy. As a result, Çambaşı Central Additional Transformer Facility will be established to improve the voltage drop and network in the Çambaşı center. We started our work for the construction of the facility. Secondly, Alternative Energy Transmission Line Project will be launched in order to eliminate the power cut in Çambaşı. I hope we will complete both projects within 2 months. ”

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