Solar Power Plants to be Established on Station Roofs in Bursaray

Solar power plants will be established in the station roofs of the bursaray
Solar power plants will be established in the station roofs of the bursaray

Before the pandemic Turkeyis one of the leading transportation companies in terms of turnover. BURULAŞ, With the sharp decline in passenger numbers, it suffered a heavy loss of income.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, transportation company BURULAŞdue to the loss of the pandemic in the past days with the decision of the parliament 59 million poundsprovided financial support.

BURULAŞ With this support, a little bit breathed. Because; The number of passengers on the light rail system, land and sea vehicles has decreased to almost 90 percent.

The company is expected to further relax with the return of passengers after the controlled normalization in the pandemic.

BURULAŞNow we see that it is now turning towards investments that will provide a variety of income.

These jobs before BUSKİ General Directorate She was carrying.

BUSKİThe revenue flow from the renewable power plants established by Turkey is still continuing.

Energy production was provided by tribunes placed at the entrance or exit of treatment facilities and giant water tanks.

BUSKİ was planning to build floating solar power plants on an intermediate dam basin.

BUSKI General Directorate was aiming to cover energy expenses completely with these investments.

However, he no longer gave up investment in this field.

Obviously, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş by this task BURULAŞgiven to.

Because; company only BursarayIt is known to consume considerable energy in.

Solar power plants on station roofs 

TurkeyIn recent years, investments have started to increase in solar power plants.

Large and small individual solar energy systems also attract attention on the roofs.

BURULAŞ for this purpose in the city 30 Bursaray will generate electricity on the station.

10 yılAt least 8 percent of the income from the roofs to be rented will be awarded to the lease.

SEBSES called Unlicensed Rooftop Solar SystemAt least 10 years in the roofs of Bursaray 21 million kWh electricity generation is envisaged.

BURULAŞ will transform the station roofs that have been empty for years into an income generating area.

If the number of participants increases in the tender, more income can be obtained.

We see it as a smart initiative.

Moreover, money will not be released from the company's safe.

The private sector will do this job completely.

Kazan kazan system as well BURULAŞ both the investor company kazanwill ache.

The sun will set up on the mountain 

BURULAŞ also from Dağ districts Orhaneliin GHG (solar power plant) plans to establish. Metropolitan Municipality Orhanelidepends on Söğüt Districtin order to establish a solar power plant in BURULAŞwill allocate to.

The company is also expected to lease it to the private sector using the make-operate-transfer or revenue center method.

So, from the high solar yield in the mountain districts BURULAŞ ve Metropolitan Municipality will also benefit.

There are large and small solar power plants established by the private sector and municipalities recently.

Just a few months ago Büyükorhan Municipality selling the installed power plant 5 million pounds He provided resources.

in the region Orhaneli Municipalityin GHGI have.

Source: İhsan Aydın / Event

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