Towards the Finals in Boztepe Touch the Clouds Project

Boztepe touch the clouds to the final in the project
Boztepe touch the clouds to the final in the project

Tourism is continuing in Ordu, which has become the rising star of the Black Sea with its sea, green nature and rich historical texture. With the completion of the 'Tap the Clouds Project', which was put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality in Boztepe, which is the viewing terrace of the city, asphalt works have also started.

In Ordu, which is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists with its coasts where blue and green embrace, its beautiful plateaus and waterfalls, activities for tourism continue. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized many projects and investments in the fields of infrastructure, transportation, superstructure, agriculture and health, with the slogan of "Thinking, Producing, Competing Army", prepares the city for the future. The Boztepe Clouds Project, called the '530-star Project', has been completed as it consists of 5 different stages and a single concept in Boztepe, which is at the elevation terrace of the city, at 5 altitude.


Coşkun Alp, General Secretary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, together with the Head of the Department of Science Affairs Abdulkadir Hatipoğlu and the Head of the Police Department Cevdet Çağlar, examined the hot asphalt works on site in Boztepe. Expressing that he is waiting for his guests with the renewed face of Boztepe, General Secretary Alp said, “Boztepe Touch the Clouds project and landscaping work has been completed. Local products outlets are ready for service. As part of the pedestrianization project, the infrastructure and superstructure are finished. Walking areas were prepared. All kinds of services have been created to ensure the comfort of people, "he said.


Expressing that with the completion of the 'Touch the Clouds Project', warm asphalt works started, Alp said, “All these investments had connection roads. Now our teams are working to make these connection roads. In the 600-meter section, the summit of Boztepe and the 'Touch the Clouds Project' are connected. We also do asphalt work on the road connected to the main road. Below it was missing in a section of 1250 meters. There was a 1250 meter road after 1000 meters. It is also complete. Consequently, Boztepe's road problem with a platform width of more than 10 meters completely disappeared. Our people can go to Boztepe in summer and winter with their vehicles, health, peace and without any risk. ”


Within the scope of the 'Boztepe Touch the Clouds Project', 11 villa-type hotels and 5 restaurant with 1 flats were built in harmony with the nature. Boztepe Sales Units and Landscape Arrangement Project was launched on a 7 meter wide and 450 meter long axle. Within the scope of the project, 25 sales buffets have been designed on the axle, 27 of which are for the sale of local products. Within the scope of the arrangement, 371 meters of stone walls, parking for 94 cars, environmental lighting, rainwater and infrastructure works have been implemented.

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