Bergama will become a center of attraction with the 'Ancient Selinos Water Canal Project'

bergama will be a center of attraction with its ancient selinos water canal project
bergama will be a center of attraction with its ancient selinos water canal project

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli first visited Mayor Hakan Koştu in his office during his visit to Bergama district within the scope of İzmir program.

Minister Pakdemirli examined the works of the "Ancient Selinos Water Canal Project" planned to be built in Selinos Creek after the closed-door meeting in the municipality.

Pakdemirli, who received information from the authorities about the progress of the project, which will be realized under the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, İzmir Governorship and Bergama Municipality, answered the questions of the members of the press.

Describing Bergama as a “jewel”, Pakdemirli said that they decided to reclaim the creek to party this jewelery.

Stating that the face of the district will change in the coming years, Pakdemirli stated that the investments made in this will contribute greatly.

Pointing out that they have undertaken the Selinos Creek Rehabilitation Project as DSI, Pakdemirli said:

“There is serious settlement here. We need to transform the river into a green spot for Bergamali, Izmir, and foreign tourists by improving the creek by finding new settlement solutions for them, without sacrificing our citizens in these settlements. The aim is to both improve the stream and make it usable. If possible, to make it more touristic where gondolas swim in this creek. ”


Mentioning that the tender of the project will be held on July 9, Pakdemirli said:

“The tender has an outstanding price of approximately 50 million liras. A serious investment. Bergama deserves this. Because we are on a region with a history of thousands of years. We will continue our efforts to make this place a bigger attraction both for the city and for changing the exterior of the city. I hope we aimed a completion time of 900 days if there was nothing wrong with us. ”

Expressing that they want to create a center of attraction with green areas, living areas, restaurants and boutique hotels, Pakdemirli emphasized that they want to reconstruct the district starting from Selinos Creek.

Stating that he believes that many ruins will be revealed in the excavated areas along with the project, Pakdemirli said, “Here we need to go without damaging them, to take the works very slowly and respectfully to the historical artifacts found and likely to be found.” he spoke.

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