Belarus Metro will open and close Eskişehir

belarus metro will close strangely
belarus metro will close strangely

Albayrak Makine Elektronik, which has been producing in Eskişehir and has become an important player in the sector with the quality certificates it has recently exported, has achieved an important success in the field of rail systems.

The company has succeeded in exporting its "Domestic Platform Separator Door Systems" which it has designed and manufactured. Having completed the delivery of the four station platform divider door system for the metro in Minsk city of Belarus (Belarus) at the end of 2019, Albayrak continued to support Minsk Metro Operations during the assembly process as of the beginning of 2020. General Manager of the Company Gürhan Albayrak said, “Although the international flights were stopped due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, we were able to obtain the necessary permits to go abroad with the support of the Eskişehir Governorship and Belarus Ankara Embassy. Our company employees have reached Minsk and continue to work in accordance with the program. We are working to produce in Eskişehir and increase our city's brand and awareness in this field. ”

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