Aydın Denizli Motorway Tender Postponed

aydin maritime highway tender postponed
aydin maritime highway tender postponed

The announcement of the General Directorate of Highways of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was published in the Official Gazette.

In the statement made on highways, the following information was given: “Based on the High Planning Council Decision No. 18.07.2017 / T-2017 dated 10 and numbered 3996, the tender of the Aydın-Denizli Motorway tender is about the Implementation of Some Investments and Services within the Framework of Build-Operate-Transfer Model. According to the Law ”and the Decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 2011/1807, it was planned to be made on 11 June 2020 with the procedure of receiving closed bids and announced in this direction. However, due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, which is happening all over the world, has also affected our country, the preparatory processes of our companies could not proceed as envisaged. For this reason, the tender date was changed to 3:2020 on 10 July 30 as a result of the evaluation of the subject by our General Directorate. ”

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