ASELSAN Completes 'Dragoneye' Delivery to Turkish Land Forces

aselsan completed the delivery of dragoneye to the turkish land forces
aselsan completed the delivery of dragoneye to the turkish land forces

ASELSAN has completed the delivery of the Dragoneye (dragon eye) Electro-Optical Sensor System produced for the Land Forces Command.

The system is used extensively and effectively especially in border units and police stations. The final party delivery was made within the scope of the Portable Thermal Camera contract signed with the Ministry of National Defense for the need of the Land Forces Command. Thus, all delivery obligations were successfully completed within the scope of the contract and the systems were made available to the Land Forces Command.

Dragoneye, which is an integrated electro-optic sensor system including Cooled Thermal Camera, High Resolution Day Camera, Laser Distance Meter, Digital Magnetic Compass and GPS subsystems, is produced in two different configurations for on-board and fixed use.

Enables targets to be detected with high precision

Although mass production of the system started in 2019, many deliveries have been made to domestic and foreign customers to date. Work on deliveries in 2020 and beyond continues without a break.

The system, which is followed at the highest level by all customers, is appreciated by the customers with its high performance. Thanks to the high performance thermal camera in the Dragoneye system, the system provides its users with the opportunity to see during the day, at night and in adverse weather conditions.

The system, which enables the determination of target coordinates with high precision, thus plays a leading role in transmitting this coordinate information determined by various communication tools to other support elements. Dragoneye is used for border surveillance, coast guard, reconnaissance, situational awareness, long distance surveillance, and security needs.

Source: defanceturk

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