ASELSAN Once Again Climate Leader

aselsan once again climate leader
aselsan once again climate leader

ASELSAN once again received the Climate Leader award in the environmental project CDP, which has the world's most reliable rating methodology.

ASELSAN is entitled to receive the Climate Leader award, which is at the A- score level among the 2019 companies that responded under the Climate Change heading in the 54 CDP Turkey report. kazanbecame one of the five companies at the moment.

ASELSAN once again demonstrated the importance it attaches to a sustainable environment by maintaining its position at the A-score level in 2019 for the first time in 2018, when important defense industry leaders in the world reduced the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score to a lower level.

Climate Leaders of the Year awards in 2019 CDP Turkey, due to an outbreak of Covidien-19 with the awards ceremony held in the form of online webinar on June 9 2020 found their owners. First performed in 2010, CDP Turkey reporting of greenhouse gas emissions by giving companies the opportunity to make improvements in performance reporting and climate strategy in a transparent manner. brand value in the world, investor relations work and concern for the sustainability report to CDP, provides voluntary BIST 100 companies from Turkey and other companies in attendance.

With his first report in 2012, which is included in the CDP Turkey Program and increasing success each year for two consecutive years Climate Leader award, ASELSAN, in accordance with a trust as seen works will be transferred to the environment of the next generation, renewable energy systems will be a solution to climate change, transportation systems, intelligent network systems etc. It continues to make efforts to carry out its R&D and production activities with the awareness of sustainable growth.

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