ASELPOD Deliveries Continues

aselpod deliveries continue
aselpod deliveries continue

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir stated that ASELPOD Targeting System deliveries continue with the label for our independence and future from the social media account and ASELPOD, which has been turned into an exportable system, has replaced the systems previously obtained from abroad.

Under the coordination of the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency (SSB), an intensive work is underway for ASELPOD, developed by ASELSAN, to meet domestic and international needs.

Within the scope of deliveries, a new ASELPOD system has recently been added to the Turkish Air Force inventory. kazanyelled. In addition, to date, more than 10 ASELPODs have been exported to friendly and allied countries. Negotiations for the export of ASELPOD to meet the operational needs of different countries continue.

Our President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir stated that the ASELPOD Targeting System was developed locally and nationally within the scope of the contract signed between our Agency and ASELSAN in order to increase the precision attack capabilities of combat aircraft at night, during the day and in all weather conditions, and included in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force. kazanhe said he was yelled at. President Prof. Dr. Demir continued his statements as follows.

“Targeting pods, which take one of the most critical tasks in warplanes, can be produced by a limited number of countries in the world. Many functions of ASELPOD have an operation that is equivalent to or beyond operationally equivalent products. ASELPOD successfully operates by our Air Force. In addition, the system is being developed and efforts to increase the locality rate continue. ASELPOD attracts attention abroad with its superior features and achieves export success. ASELPOD, a high-tech product, is one of the important examples that show the point our defense industry has reached. ”

The targeting system developed specifically for modern warplanes creates a multiplier effect on the effectiveness of the aircraft.

ASELPOD Targeting System, with its high resolution thermal and day cameras, provides visibility to the pilot in day and night conditions, detects and diagnoses ground and air targets from very long distances, successfully performs target tracking and targeting functions with advanced image processing algorithms.

ASELPOD, which can track multiple targets, replaced the targeting systems previously purchased from abroad.

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