Alsancak Talatpaşa Boulevard Will Be Safer, Greener!

alsancak talatpasa boulevard will be more secure and greener
alsancak talatpasa boulevard will be more secure and greener

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is building a pedestrian platform similar to the European examples in order to ensure that pedestrians cross the safe section of Alsancak Talatpaşa Boulevard, which is one of the city's intense pedestrian traffic. Turan Solar Park was arranged and planted so that the citizens could breathe and rest.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to make the pedestrian priority by slowing down the traffic in the region on Alsancak Talatpaşa Boulevard, which is one of the regions where pedestrian traffic is the busiest, by connecting Cyprus Martyrs Street to Dominik Avenue and Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard and creating a continuous pedestrian axis. . Within the scope of the elevated pedestrian crossing project, a 34-meter-long pedestrian platform was created, similar to European examples. Izmir-themed patterns will be drawn with special paints on the pedestrian platform to increase its visibility. Again, considering the access of disabled and elderly citizens, roads and sidewalks are brought to the same level.

The park became visible, new trees were planted

In parallel with the elevated pedestrian platform work, Turan Solar Park, located at the intersection of Talatpaşa Boulevard and Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard, is also being renewed. The park, behind the bus stops and unnoticed, is made visible with the arrangements made. By preserving the existing green areas, the amount of green areas, which was 422 square meters, was increased to 426 square meters. In addition, a linden, 2 magnolias and 2 ash trees were planted in the park. 2 shrubs were planted, 3 pramidal ornamental spindles and 5 pramidal boxwood. The planting of 115 blue cypresses continues. With the landscape arrangements and seasonal flower plantings, all work will be finished next week.

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