Agriculture Sector Growed in 17 of 14 Years

agriculture sector commanded in the year
agriculture sector commanded in the year

Good Party Chairman Meral Akşener'in, the Party of June 10, 2020 dated Parliamentary Group meeting, Turkey's agriculture in regard to their own self-contained country from everything from the fact that the direction of importing into a country reflect the alleged need to make the following announcement was seen.

First of all, it should be noted that; Turkey's agriculture, applied policies and continues to grow with the support given. The agricultural sector, which grew in 17 of the last 14 years, grew by an average of 2003 percent annually in the period of 2019-2,8. The growth in 2019 is 3,3 percent.

Our agricultural product, which was 2002 billion liras in 37, increased 7,5 times and reached 2019 billion liras in 275.

Our country, which has left behind European countries such as Holland, Spain and France, has become the leading country in Europe with an agricultural GDP of $ 48,5 billion.

Turkey, our 83 million population with agricultural products it produces and exports along with meeting the food needs of tourists coming to over 4 million refugees and 50 million.

Our agricultural exports, which were 2002 billion dollars in 3,7, increased to 2019 billion dollars in 18. Imports are $ 12,7 billion. Our foreign trade surplus is $ 5,3 billion and we are a net exporter country in agriculture. We export 193 kinds of agricultural products to 1.827 countries.

As it can be understood from the figures, our agriculture sector continues to grow continuously and shows its self-sufficiency.

While this is the case, the subject of our agricultural sector to political discussions is first of all unfair to our farmers who labor and shed sweat.

As the Ministry, we will continue to support our farmers and producers and continue to be with them as it has been until today.


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