Historical Hicaz Railway Tunnel in Adana Has Been Registered as a Cultural Property

historical hicaz railway tunnel on the island has been registered as a cultural asset
historical hicaz railway tunnel on the island has been registered as a cultural asset

The General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has announced the Adana Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board Decision to the Official Gazette regarding the registration of the tunnel in the Adana Karaisalı Bucak village of the Historical Baghdad-Hicaz Railway Line.

Declaration announcement published in the Official Gazette issue dated 4 June 2020 is as follows; “Regarding the registration of the Railway tunnel, which is located in the district of Karaakalı, Adana, Bucak District, in the area other than deed, which belongs to the Historical Baghdad-Hicaz Railway Line with the number 32, TCDD 6th District Directorate's 07.10.2016 day and 502580 number, 10.11.2017. The articles of 430839 and numbered 425475, dated and numbered 08.10.2019, the letter of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums dated 827266 and numbered 178495 and the annex of the General Directorate of State Railways Directorate Railway Maintenance Department, Road Infrastructure Maintenance Branch Directorate, the date and number of 10.12.2019 , İller Bankası A.Ş. Opinion Letter of the Spatial Planning Department dated 45905 and numbered 10.12.2019, Opinion of Karaisalı Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs dated 3795 and numbered 15.12.2019, Report of the experts of the Board Directorate dated 23.08.2016, dated 6645 and numbered 01.03.2019, 10824. Decisions numbered XNUMX of XNUMX were read, their annexes and transaction files were examined.

Determination of the building group as a 32nd group structure in the province of Karaisalı, Adana, in the Bucak District, in the area outside the land registry area, as it is understood that the railway tunnel, which is specified by the TCDD, which belongs to the Historic Baghdad-Hicaz Railway Line, has the quality of culture within the scope of Law No. 2863, Our decision is that the protection area boundary shown in the annex is appropriate, in cases that will disrupt the malfunction and maintenance of the rails, drainage channels, traverses, signalization and electrification systems and navigational situations,
In cases that require immediate intervention in terms of life and property safety, it has been decided that the necessary simple repairs and interventions will be made by the relevant administration under the supervision of KUDEB experts, and that our Board will be given permission for applications that will require intervention to the original architectural texture of the tunnel.


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