Alert Drivers From PETLAS To Summer With Summer Tire

Write from petlas to drivers.
Write from petlas to drivers.

Turkey's domestic tire brand Petlas, the normalization process controlled by the travel ban lifted, warns that without changing the way they should not drive with winter tires, summer tires for a safe and healthy trip.

The intercity travel ban, which was launched within the scope of the measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic, has been completely abolished with the statement made by our President at the cabinet meeting held recently. While the curfew and travel restrictions under the age of 18 are completely abolished with parental support, citizens of 65 and over continue to receive a “Travel Permit Certificate” and be able to travel in one way provided they do not return from the provinces they will go for at least one month. On the other hand, citizens need to follow the latest situation regarding entry and exit bans for provinces such as Kocaeli, Sakarya, Tekirdağ, Adana, Edirne, Kırklareli and Bitlis.

Turkey's domestic capital industrial strength operating in the DCC group within our country's tire industry, 100 percent domestic capital leading brand Petlas, draw attention to the mobility of the highways Following the lifting of the travel ban, "the resulting measures for the safety and health of our summer trip bırakmayalım" he urged.

Is it Risky to Use Winter Tires in Summer

Reminding that the official application of winter tires has ended at the beginning of April, Erkal Özürün said, “Winter tires designed and manufactured for use under 7 degrees of temperature are far from performing the desired performance in hot weather. As the weather gets warmer, the braking distance of the winter tires increases, the handling performance decreases and even increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle; because winter tires are designed for temperatures below 7 degrees. This can have a negative impact on braking distance and thus safety. In addition, winter tires wear faster under current road conditions. ”

In provinces where the laws need winter tires to wear necessity in Turkey 01 December to 01 April between commercial vehicles in the M + S (mud snow) and / or snowflake is required by law not sign with tires fitted criminal sanctions in question. Winter tire imperative application ends as of April 1 and experts are advised to switch to summer tires on this date.

No Tire Can Protect Us As We Pay Value

Emphasizing the importance of correct tire use for road safety, Erkal Özürün said, “Road safety starts with tires that provide vehicle contact with the ground, road holding and braking performance. Drivers must also take care of their tires for the safety of themselves, their loved ones and other people on the road. On the other hand, we must not forget that even the best tires and the safest vehicles cannot replace the driver's attention. We should not forget that we carry the responsibility of life and property safety of ourselves, those we value and others in traffic, and we must drive in accordance with traffic rules and speed limits. ”

Drawing attention to the importance of compliance with health measures during the controlled normalization process, Erkal Özürün said, “As we are emphasized by our President and expressed by our Minister of Health, we are strong with measures. It is our humanitarian responsibility to pay attention to our health, not to risk ourselves, the relatives we will travel with and others we may contact on the road. Let's take care of mask and distance lots, contact with surfaces at road stops, washing our hands frequently and disinfection. Let's be cautious on the road for health, if necessary, let us put the comfort back after the measure. ”

PETLAS's Two Campaigns Continue until the End of June

Turkey's Petlas the tire, tire renewal and summer tires on the family budget for transition support with two different consumer campaigns expressing Erkal's sorry, "There are already two of our campaign. Until June 30, 2020, consumers will be offered 8 installments for the cash price in their shopping with İşbank and QNB Finansbank credit cards. In another campaign, we offer our consumers a right to participate in the Porsche 30 Cayman raffle for every 2020TL tire purchased from PETLAS, again on June 500, 718 ”.

Providing information that PETLAS dealers are provided with free tire control services with masks, contact and distance measures, Erkal Özürün continued as follows: “When you buy summer tires, you can also replace your winter tires with summer tires without any risk to our health by maintaining the social distance at our dealers. For this, we ask you to make an appointment in order not to experience intensity at our dealers. During the appointment time given to you, your tires are replaced with protective equipment without anyone else touching your vehicles. In addition, some of our dealers also provide tire hotel services to our customers to store winter tires. ”

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