What is Vatman? How to become a Vatman?

What is a vatman, how to become a vatman
What is a vatman, how to become a vatman

Vatman (tramway / subway driver) A qualified person who has the ability to properly drive trams and subways, which are of great need in transportation.

Competencies required by the profession kazanindividuals in the field of Rail Systems Technology;

  • Metropolitan Municipalities can work as Tram and Metro drivers.
  • They can work as a machinist on State Railways Trains.

Content of Vatman (tram / subway driver) Certificate Program - Duration

  • Training Time of Vatman (tram / subway driver) is determined as maximum 920 hours and minimum 744 hours.
  • These periods suggested in the modules cover all theoretical and applied content in learning activities.

Course topics are as follows:

  • Communication in Social Life
  • Communication in Business Life
  • Diction-1
  • Diction-2
  • Personal evolution
  • entrepreneurship
  • environmental Protection
  • Professional Ethics
  • Business Organization
  • Occupational Safety and Worker Health
  • Research Techniques
  • Basic Principles of Electricity
  • Signalization, Electrification and Communication Facilities
  • Rail System Tools
  • Rail System Management
  • Business Communication
  • Signs used to ensure traffic safety
  • Scissor control prompts
  • Train protection and control systems
  • Dynamics of trains and wheel forces
  • Brake dynamics and cruise time calculation
  • Use of Towing Vehicles
  • Energy Cut and Safety
  • maneuvers
  • Creating and Controlling Train Sequences
  • Train Traffic Plans
  • Train Traffic Administration
  • TMI System
  • TSI (CTC) System
  • Irregularities in TMI and TSI (CTC) systems
  • Training Driving

Conditions for Attending the Vatman (tram / subway driver) Training Course

Requirements for participating in trainings for the Vatman (tram / subway driver) certificate:

  • Literacy or primary school graduate.
  • Having physical and physical characteristics to do the jobs and competencies required by the profession.
  • To have a B class or higher driving license.

Validity of Vatman (tram / metro driver) Training Course certificate

The course completion exam at the end of the course given for the profession of Vatman (tram/metro driver) is held under the supervision of the representatives of the National Education. When the trainees who take the certificate exam and get 100 points or more out of 45 points, they are considered successful and are entitled to receive a Vatman (tramway/metro driver) course completion certificate (Certificate). kazanir. The certificates prepared by the institution are delivered after they are approved by the Directorate of National Education. The delivery date of the certificate does not exceed 7 working days.

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