'New Taxi' Statement by İmamoğlu: 'We Will Not Sacrifice This Process to Renters'

We will not sacrifice this process to the renters who are new taxi from ekrem imamogl.
We will not sacrifice this process to the renters who are new taxi from ekrem imamogl.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, in a TV program it participated in last June 12, announced that they would bring 5 thousand new taxis equipped with technological applications to Istanbul. İmamoğlu responded to the "threatening" statements from some circles. “A few taxi dealers at Bağcılar Auto Gallery are not the authority that will decide whether the people of Istanbul need a taxi or not,” said İmamoğlu. We do not sacrifice this process to renters who make a living with plate prices. Every person who commits an act of disrupting the order in Istanbul will find the state against him. In other words, we do not refrain from using any authority given to IMM by law”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluannounced that they would launch a new application for taxis, one of the basic elements of urban transportation, in the live broadcast it participated on June 12. Emphasizing that they will bring 5 thousand new yellow taxis to Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “They have principles; The dress will be uniform, it will work in 3 shifts. Not everyone will be able to act as they want. We equip these 5 thousand taxis with an electronic system. With the QR code, you will pay for your taxi together with Istanbulkart. We will both eliminate the taxi shortage and keep the market in balance with a taxi model. With this work, we will have started the production of a kind of Istanbul-specific taxi. The area we will protect here will be from Istanbul,” he said.


The issue that came to the agenda after this announcement started to be widely discussed in public. Imamoglu made an evaluation on the subject of “threatening” statements from some circles. Stating that he is aware that the taxi process is being discussed in Istanbul recently, İmamoğlu said: “Last week, I stated that on Friday, 5.000 new taxis will join Istanbul. Of course, this has a rule, a sharing, and also a process. We will not include 5.000 taxis on Monday. This is a prediction, a study; but stable work. In this decisive study, let us state this: Yes, we will sit and discuss with our shopkeepers, the real representatives of our shopkeepers, and talk about them. What we did not talk about is that we will not talk about it; of course we will talk. But no one should try to restrict us by acting only and only on self-interest. IMM represents the 16 million people of Istanbul and acts accordingly. In other words, the authority to decide whether the people of Istanbul needs a taxi is not a few taxi dealers in Bağcılar Auto Gallery. Let's underline this once. Don't let them try to threaten us with other things. ”


“It is clear that Istanbul needs new taxis with scientific researches and university reports. There is an example of this all over the world. Besides, it is clear that with the pandemic process, the use of private vehicles and taxis has increased all over the world, especially after quarantine. Of course, we will be sensitive about the right of Istanbul to use a comfortable taxi. We do not sacrifice this process to the renters who make a living with license plate prices. Every person who enters into a disruptive act in Istanbul will find the state in front of him. Let's underline this. In other words, we do not refrain from using any authority that laws give to IMM. Let's say: Real taxi tradesmen, very, very comfortable. Don't worry. But my own brother who owns the taxi but works in the taxi should not worry at all. In the new system, everyone's working and renting condition will also improve. Tens of thousands of tradesmen, tens of thousands of people, and people who make bread from this business will also be comfortable. We will start a new era in disciplining the process, from social security to social rights. I want everyone to keep their hearts fresh. ”

“Patiently follow us”

“Nobody can prevent us from our struggle for the order of Istanbul, for the discipline of Istanbul, for the tourist, the guest, the service of Istanbul, while serving him in the best way, for the safety of his shopkeepers, for the shape and shape of the taxi. We will decide all this together with our tradesmen. They will decide. Maybe a few hundred people will be upset for him, but thousands of taxi workers and millions of Istanbul residents will be happy with this beautiful new taxi application. It needs a process. Patiently follow us. I say that my friends will make all the technical explanations to our citizens and keep our tradesmen and the room continue to follow us. When it comes to taxi, my 16 million people are comfortable. ”

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