Chinese Shift from Turkish Food Exporters

Turkish food exporters gin shifts
Turkish food exporters gin shifts

Barriers to the export of agricultural products to Far Eastern countries are being lifted one by one. 54 companies will be able to export milk and dairy products to China. With this important development in the pandemic process, the trade on the Turkey-China line has gained a new momentum. kazanwas. Turkish food exporters, which have strengthened their hand in the Far East, want to become even stronger in the Chinese market.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and under the coordination of Guanco Trade Attaché, Chairman of the Guangdong Food Importers Association Wolfgang Qi, Guangzhou Trade Attaché Serdar Afşar, Beijing Trade Chief Advisor Hakan Kızarıcı, Ege Dried Fruit and Products Exporters Union President Birol Celep, Aegean Fresh Fruit Vegetable Exporters Union President Hayrettin Plane At the webinar organized with the participation of Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters 'Association Chairman Bedri Girit, Board Members of the Exporters' Associations operating in the agriculture and food sector, developments in the Chinese market and the export of the two countries and the potential of different products in this large market were discussed.

Customs duties imposed by China on US products are important

Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters 'Association Chairman Birol Celep said that China has been the main target market since 2018 as the Aegean Exporters' Association and many delegations and fair participation efforts for this country were carried out for different sectors in the pre-coronavirus period.

“Unfortunately, due to the conditions we are in, we had to suspend these works. China is a very important target market for us with its population exceeding 1.4 billion and increasing income, food consumption reaching 700 billion dollars annually and food import reaching 2018 billion dollars as of 118. As a result of the ongoing commercial negotiations between the USA and China, China's customs duties on US products such as cherries, which we compete in the USA and China market, are closely related to us. On the other hand, it is important for every agri-food sector to carry out accurate, target-oriented, effective and minimum cost-effective entry and marketing activities to the Chinese market, which has a wide geography, different levels of development and tastes. . "

Europe saturating Turkey can feed the world

Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Union Chairman Hayrettin aircraft, given that much attention to the freshness of the product, in this sense that Turkey's large assortment of luck, I can not explain every product sent to the Chinese market.

“Negotiations and technical studies related to cherry exports ended in 2018 and our exports started. Negotiations and studies continue between the two countries' ministries for the export of other fresh fruits and vegetables. Our search for the contribution and support of our Beijing and Guangzhou Commercial Counselors and alternative market entry methods and methods continues. Our goal is to increase our export volume with more value-added products by finding a way to enter alternative markets such as China, with a new perspective and different methods, in addition to the European Union countries, which will appear in the new normalization period and we expect to increase gradually, in addition to the European Union countries, which are our biggest market today. To be a country that has the claim to feed the world by not only being “the country that saturates Europe” but by taking advantage of the benefits of our country's Allah tax, by activating our potential. ”

Chinese market with a population of 1,5 billion will be the lifeline for Turkish milkman

Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Union Chairman Bedri Crete, "Last week, China Customs General Administration made by explain how to be able to export to China of milk and milk products from Turkey was given approval to 54 companies. In this context, our product portfolio is expanding. The Chinese market with a population of 1,5 billion will be the lifeline for the Turkish milkman. We are also in anticipation of development for poultry products. Work is ongoing for the export of many more product groups to China, and there is still a long way to go. We started our first meeting with our online meeting with the China-based Imported Food Products Association of Guangzhou. We will continue to meet with different organizations in China in the coming days. ” said.

Food imports in China up 15 percent

Wolfgang Qi, Chairman of the Guangdong Food Importers Association, who made a presentation about the latest situation in the Chinese market and the export potential in the country, the Food2China Fair, which will be held in the format of the online B2B e-commerce platform, said:

“There are 400 members, over 5 thousand foreign suppliers and 100 thousand Chinese importers / distributors registered with the Food Importers Association. We strengthen our relations with other countries with international food fairs, as in Guangzhou, with organizations that improve our trade. In our country, food imports increased by an average of 15 percent annually. Among the most imported products are dairy products, drinks, snacks and fruits. Cherry, durian fruit, banana, table grapes and orange are the most imported fresh fruits. More fresh products are in demand than frozen products in fruits and vegetables. The 1,5 billion population has distinct taste. While the east of the country prefers sweet products, the west can choose more spicy products. Food logistics centers can appeal to companies. ”

E-commerce emphasis

Wolfgang Qi told Turkish food importers that “Market and product analysis should be done and in-depth research should be made and the market should be understood thoroughly.” he continued as follows:

“E-commerce is developing rapidly and online sales are very popular. You should display your products a lot, be visible in a virtual environment and use a website. Don't waste your time waiting. Your market entry strategy must be a combination of B2B online and offline. Food2China's B2B e-commerce platform is a good alternative to enter the Chinese market. Brands must be registered in China. You can register brands by protecting intellectual property rights and then share them with Chinese companies. After entering the Chinese market, brand promotion can be done through B2C and social media. ”

Turkish food exporters and Chinese companies meet on the online platform

Speaking about their introduction to the online system in their promotional activities, Wolfgang Qi added that at the Food2China Fair on September 24-26, with the "online B2B" program, domestic and foreign buyers will meet with participating companies.

“While there are over 900 brands and companies at the fair, around 35 thousand visitors are expected., where one-stop promotion and marketing can be done, will be the O2O (Offline 2 Online) platform that combines offline and online retail. Participation from more than 30 countries and regions. Among them are countries such as Russia, Thailand, India, Korea, England, Germany, Philippines, Italy, Japan, Poland, Canada, Austria, Spain. Magazine, Wechat, Micro Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We have determined a multi-channel marketing strategy by following an active process in places such as. ”

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