Turkish Entrepreneur First Domestic Sea Car Developed

Turkish entrepreneur first domestic sea car was developed
Turkish entrepreneur first domestic sea car was developed

Antalya entrepreneurs Muammar Shahinkaya, 180 square meter workshop in the industrial site has produced Turkey's first domestic car to the sea. Stating that they have produced 30 cars so far, Şahinkaya stated that there are 19 more cars in the line.

Domestic Sea Car Attracts Great Interest

The cars, which are described by Şahinkaya as an alternative marine vehicle for tourism, attract intense attention. Sea cars with 110 types of engines: 130 and 2 horsepower are sold with a price tag of 35 to 70 thousand TL. The 110-horsepower sea car can go up to 80 kilometers, while the 130-horsepower car can reach 100 kilometers.

Şahinkaya, in a statement on the subject, said, “While I was working in 2015, I did modeling work on the roof of my house. Then I found a jet-ski engine and installed it in the car. Then I launched the Black Sea style and then I changed my life in this direction. Currently this means that we're first in Turkey. We receive serious demand. We had requests postponed due to pandemic ”.

Şahinkaya said, “This vehicle does not require a captain's license in line with the permission we get from the ministry. A vehicle in the jet-ski category. An alternative marine vehicle for tourism. You can find and use jet-ski anywhere in the world, but you cannot find and use such a vehicle. We got into this business to create awareness and we succeeded. ”

Şahinkaya said, “We can sit in the vehicle with our children. But jet-ski is not such an opportunity. Older people are afraid of falling in jet-ski. It is completely safe inside. We produce on order. Before starting the production, the colors need to be decided. We deliver a vehicle within 3-4 weeks. ”

Şahinkaya continued his explanations as follows: “We usually work domestically but gradually, demand is coming from abroad. We are producing in a 180 square meter workshop for now, but in the future this area will not be enough for us. It also has not been done before with our 4- and 5 projects ready to work in Turkey. It would be better if we don't say that for now. Get a surprise. We have produced 30 cars to date. We will produce 7 more vehicles. We also have 12 postponed orders. We use fiber material that is a mixture of fiber and polyester used in boat building. "

“When our customers bring their jet skis, we transfer their engine to the car we build. We return the shells of the jets to them. In such a production, the car costs the buyer 35 thousand TL. This number varies between 60-70 thousand when they do not have jet-skis and want a turnkey vehicle. Of course, depending on the age of the jet, prices can be fluctuated. So far, we have installed 110 types of engines, 130 and 2 horsepower. With 110 horsepower we can accelerate to 80 kilometers. In 130 horsepower, it can speed up to 100 km. Our goals are big. ”

Source: tamindir

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