Traffic Order of Bursa Will Now Be Provided with EDS

The traffic order of the scholarship will now be provided by EDS.
The traffic order of the scholarship will now be provided by EDS.

The protocol regarding the Electronic Supervision Systems (EDS) designed to ensure life and property safety on the highways within the boundaries of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, to eliminate traffic violations and to establish a regular traffic flow has been signed between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of Security.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on projects such as promoting public transportation, new rail system lines, signalization optimization in the existing rail system, road widening, new road and bridge intersection in Bursa, is especially important for the regulation of traffic flow and elimination of violations. is putting another project into practice. A protocol was signed between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and Provincial Police Chief Tacettin Aslan for the implementation of the Electronic Supervision System project, where an investment of approximately 100 million lira was foreseen. The necessary investment will be made by the Metropolitan Municipality for the Electronic Supervision Systems (EDS) designed to ensure life and property safety on the highways within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality service and to ensure regular and safe traffic flow. The system, which is foreseen to be established within a year, will be delivered to the Provincial Security Directorate later. Within the scope of the project, speed violations will be detected by the Average Speed ​​Violation Detection System in 27 corridors (OHTS), which are located by the commission in the traffic responsibility area of ​​the Police Department, and the vehicles passing in red light will be detected with the Red Light Violation System in 30 signalized intersections. Again, vehicles that park in unwanted areas will be detected with the Park Violation System at 15 points, and vehicles with parking, pause, safety strip, offset scanning and reverse direction violations will be detected with 9 Mobile EDS vehicles.

Harmony in traffic will be provided

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that Bursa, which increases its economy and tourism values ​​day by day, is a rapidly developing city. Reminding that it is a great honor to serve Bursa, Mayor Aktaş said, “In this sense, the city has prominent issues. The most important is traffic and transportation. With the signatures we have signed today, we will have started an important project on traffic and transportation. We estimate it will cost about 100 million. In this sense, we want to tender in a short time and finish within a period of 1 year. From now on, efforts will be made in electronic environment to ensure that the traffic applications are running healthier and more profitable, and that control of those who do not comply with the rules is maintained 7/24 and a harmony in the city is revealed. I would like to express that Bursa traffic will be more comfortable with this project, and in this sense, those who come to and live in the city will be more comfortable. I would like to thank our Police Chief and his team for their support and contributions. ”

We came to the last stage

Provincial Police Director Tacettin Aslan emphasized that they have been focusing on this project for a long time and said, “We are now at the last stage. We have completed this important project, which also closely concerns the public order of our Bursa and will contribute to the reduction of heavy traffic. Our Metropolitan Municipality made a great contribution to us in this project. It is a very big project that we are looking at. It includes very high figures in terms of cost. Thank you, my dear President, did not leave any of our requests. He responded positively to our every request. Therefore, we came to the stage of signature in this project, which will provide very important value and contribution to our state and then to Bursa and our citizens. I thank our President for their support. Good luck to our Bursa. ”

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