Turkey's First Virtual Defense Exhibition 'EXPO AREA'

The first virtual fair field turkiyenin defense expo
The first virtual fair field turkiyenin defense expo

📩 24/06/2020 12:21

SAHA Istanbul, the biggest supporter of the National Technology Move, brings the power of the Turkish defense industry to the virtual world. The SAHA EXPO virtual fair, which will be held in cooperation with SAHA EXPO 4 between 7-2020 November 2020, will be open to visitors from all over the world.

Turkey's largest industrial cluster FIELD first more ... Turkey's defense in Istanbul, aerospace industry launched the National Technology Hamlesi in order to increase local content in the production of the biggest supporters FIELD Istanbul, Turkey's defensive power FIELD EXPO 2020 carries to the virtual world.

The SAHA EXPO virtual fair, which will be held in coordination with the SAHA EXPO fair at the Istanbul Expo Center between 4-7 November 2020, which will be organized by SAHA Istanbul, will be visited 7/24.

In a period when the fairs were canceled due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic that affected the whole world, the virtual fair to be held by SAHA Istanbul, which carried its work to the digital world quickly and successfully, will be the first fair to carry the Turkish defense industry power to the virtual world. The virtual fair, the first of which will be held with the aim of becoming a global brand, will be open to the world.

The virtual fair, which will be held to promote the products and capabilities of 493 companies and 16 universities with high technology production potential, operating in the defense and aviation industry, will be held with the XperEXPO application prepared by BİTES, a subsidiary of SAHA Istanbul member ASELSAN.

TİHA, ATAK and Altay Tank at SAHA EXPO Virtual Fair

In the virtual fair, it will be possible to examine the products and systems developed by hundreds of companies in the defense industry, especially the Akinci Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TİHA), Altay Tank, ATAK Helicopter, Bayraktar TB2 and missile systems, and get detailed information. The virtual fair application developed by Turkish engineers, with domestic and national facilities, allows all companies' products and vision to be displayed with an interactive experience. The application will also offer many different advantages to both fair visitors and companies participating in the fair.

Artificial intelligence stand clerks

SAHA EXPO virtual fair, where the facilities offered by the latest technology will be used, will allow visitors to experience very interesting moments. In the virtual fair application, a demo show that is not possible in real fairs will also be made. Wearing augmented reality glasses, the company representative will explain how the product works in the office or test area. This image can also be delivered to the visitor's computer with the video conferencing application.

SAHA EXPO will become even more enjoyable with artificial intelligence assisted stand officers to be added to the virtual fair in the following period. The visitors' basic questions will be answered with this method. Visitors who want to get detailed information will be directed to the experts of the subject. All data related to trade in a strategic area carried out safely and content, will be held on infrastructure in Turkey.

Become a visitor from home or office

In our rapidly digitizing life, traveling miles for fairs held in different countries of the world or in different cities in our country will also be a thing of the past with SAHA EXPO. SAHA EXPO, which will be held virtually, will enable users and companies to save both time and money. Thus, the difficulties and difficulties of carrying the products that long journeys load on the companies will be eliminated. Users can experience the products reflected exactly with 3D modeling and interactive animations in SAHA EXPO in the most realistic way. Professionals will be able to visit the virtual fair from home or office.

Our defense power will meet the world

According to the fair held in 2018, the users will be offered a private virtual tour at the SAHA EXPO virtual fair, which will be held in 3 new halls and 4 times larger area. In the virtual fair, where more than 300 defense aviation and space industry companies will participate, the development of the sector will be directed by thousands of B2B meetings to be held in virtual environment with hundreds of delegations from USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and Far East countries.

Visitors will be able to examine all the companies and products participating in the fair without any difference from the door of the fair area, and going to the desired direction, floor or company will be determined completely according to the user's preference. With the application, those who visit SAHA EXPO virtual fair; companies will have the opportunity to reach their stands, examine all their products and see their catalogs. Users can also get the chance to get answers to all their questions by connecting to the live broadcast.

Face to face communication will also be held at the virtual fair

Face-to-face communication will also be possible at SAHA EXPO virtual fair. In this way, the participants will not feel the lack of mutual communication. The face-to-face communication between the visitors of the fair and the representatives of the participating companies will be provided by BizWe application. With the BizWe application developed by SAHA Istanbul member BITES, the user will be able to connect to the authorized company of the company with a single click and get answers to their questions simultaneously or be informed by the authorized person about the subject he wants.

Unlimited visitors from all over the world

With the application to be used online via the browser, SAHA EXPO virtual fair will be open to users from all over the world. Unlike classic fairs, there will be no user and company limits at SAHA EXPO. The system will allow unlimited users to reach the fair. The application, which can be used from all platforms, stands out with its mobile compatible feature. It will be possible to enter the system and visit the fair from a point where there is an online connection from anywhere in the world.

Within the scope of SAHA EXPO virtual fair application; There will be features such as survey, analysis and reporting, different language support, integration with social media accounts. Information such as which user visited the booth of which company, how many times, how long he stayed, whether he downloaded the file or not, can be accessed from the application. Thus, participating companies will be able to reach their target audience more easily and interact according to the analysis. Visitors will also be able to contact companies' human resources experts and apply for jobs and internships.

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