The Document Of The Taxi Driver Who Beats The Moroccan Female Passenger Has Been Canceled

dehset sacan taxi driver's certificate was canceled
dehset sacan taxi driver's certificate was canceled

Video footage of the taxi driver, who battered the Moroccan female passenger last February, appeared. The Public Transportation Service Quality Assessment System (TUDES), which examines the horrors experienced, has canceled the driver's “Public Transport Vehicle Usage Certificate” indefinitely.

Last February, images of the driver who beat the Moroccan national female passenger who came to Istanbul from Kocaeli to visit her older sister who had given birth, appeared. The driver, who beat his passenger who got in his car to go to Kasımpaşa direction from Beyoğlu, both inside and outside of the taxi, put his customer on the ground and squeezed his throat in order to receive a fee of 22 TL. The violence of the driver to the passenger was recorded in seconds from the vehicle camera. It was observed that the discussion started with the understanding of the words of the driver, who started to be told from the traffic jam, and then the violence increased in the vehicle and continued outside the vehicle.

The Public Transportation Service Quality Assessment System (TUDES) affiliated with the IMM Directorate of Transportation, which examined the images of the incident, canceled the driver's “Public Transportation Vehicle Usage Certificate” indefinitely. In addition, 34 TDH 90 license plate taxis of the incident were suspended and the vehicle was banned from traffic.


After the shock she experienced, the female passenger, who reported to the police, conveyed the driver's car and vehicle license plate to the staff of the Patrol Teams Bureau affiliated to the Beyoğlu District Police Department. Later, the woman, who was taken to the hospital, complained about the driver by taking a battering report.

The driver, who was caught in a short time, was prosecuted for “deliberate injury” and was released after his statement.

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