Taxi Stations in Ankara for Home Comfort

Taxi stops in the comfort of home in Ankara
Taxi stops in the comfort of home in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality renews the taxi stops across the city, giving it a modern look. The teams of Metropolitan Municipality Urban Aesthetics Department, which overhauled or lost their function, taxi stops; It meets the daily needs of taxi drivers by adding sections such as seating areas, kitchen and sink.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to modernize the taxi stands located across the Capital city.

The City Aesthetics Department teams are replacing the stops that cannot meet the needs so that the taxi drivers can serve in better conditions.


Continuing the renovation of the taxi stops in line with the demands of the taxi drivers, the teams are completely renovating the taxi stops with modern and insulated materials.

New stops, including a rest area, kitchens and sinks, allow taxi drivers to work in the home environment. While electrical and water installations were drawn to new taxi stands designed as 48, 18 and 12 square meters according to the need; kitchenette countertop, air conditioner, interior furnishings and sink are also placed.


The Metropolitan City Aesthetics Department built 18 stops of 12 and 5 square meters in Polatlı upon the request of the Chamber of Tradesmen and Chamber of Craftsmen of Polatlı.

Continuing the renovation of 48 2 square meter taxi stations in the Çankaya Oran District, the Metropolitan teams also take into account the needs of the taxi drivers.

Cem Özkan, Secretary General of Chamber of Tradesmen and Automobile Craftsmen of Polatlı, spoke about the renewed taxi stands in his districts:

“As the Polatlı Chamber of Chauffeurs, we requested a taxi rank from our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to suit our district. Thanks to the pandemic period, we started to renew our stops by refusing our requests. Construction of 5 modern stops in our district is about to finish. In this difficult process, disinfectant support was also provided to make the taxi drivers' vehicles hygienic. We would like to thank our president and his teams who contributed. ”

The taxi driver tradesmen who have reached their new stops expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

  • Fatih Sengul: “It was much more beautiful and useful than our old stop to meet our personal needs. May Allah be pleased with our Metropolitan Mayor. ”
  • Koray Gunay: “We suffered a lot of little stops. We had a sink problem, our place was small and we couldn't fit. Our new stop is complete with its kitchen. We would like to thank our Mansur President for this service. ”
  • Ismail Kutlu: “Thanks to our Mansur President, we got rid of the little hut. We had a hard time seeing our needs. Now we are happy to have a nice workplace that is more elite and convenient to work. ”


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