Support to 1000 Disadvantaged Young People Under Social Protection Shield

Support was provided to disadvantaged youth within the scope of social protection shield.
Support was provided to disadvantaged youth within the scope of social protection shield.

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that approximately 1000 young people have been financially supported and their employment in the private sector has been supported so far. Selçuk stated that they follow the youth who grew up in the state protection and left the institution more intensely in the process of combating COVID-19.

Minister Selçuk gave information about the studies carried out in order to protect the youth who grew up in state protection and left as a corporate institution against the material and moral negative effects of the epidemic.

In this process, Selçuk underlined that all provincial directorates were instructed to resolve the problems that young people could experience by closely monitoring their situation and underlined that they are a large family.

Explaining that the youth who leave the institution are supported through the Post-Care Guidance and Monitoring Units established within the provincial directorates and that they are frequently visited at home and workplaces, Selçuk said, “As a state, we will always be on our children. We are always patrons of them. In the process of combating coronavirus, we undertook a study by prioritizing the situation of our youth, who have left our institutions as a minor while still under state protection, but are not yet employed for various reasons. ” said.

“Special Support was Given Against the Effects of the Outbreak”

Minister Selçuk shared the following information about the studies, emphasizing the importance of being with young people who grew up in state protection during the epidemic period and who were separated in terms of institution as a minor:

“Our experts have reached nearly 1000 young people during the coronavirus-fighting process. In addition to Social and Economic Support (SED), we provided support to our youth through the aid models of the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations. Our youth also benefited from supports such as private sector employment incentives, unemployment benefits and short-time working allowance if they meet the conditions. ”

Selçuk drew attention to the fact that professional studies for young people who are separated from the institutional perspective are carried out in the focus of one-on-one monitoring and consultancy.

“Projects Guiding Our Young People Are Realized”

Reminding the legal improvements made for young people to stand on their own feet after institutional care and to prepare for life, Minister Selçuk continued as follows:

“Our Ministry extended the protection decision of children who have no place to go but need shelter until the age of 25. Employment rights, shelter support, Social and Economic Support, private sector incentives, dowry support, adaptation to business life and consultancy supports were offered to our youth. The projects that guided them to prepare for life with 'My Guide' and 'One Profession, One Future' projects were launched. ”

“State Support is given to the Employers of the Youth for 5 Years”

The youth, who are under the protection of the Child Protection Law No. 5395 and who are of the age using social service models, are employed in the public in accordance with the Social Services Law No. 2828.

In order to encourage young people to work in the private sector, employers are offered special support.

In this context, disability, old-age and death insurance premium, short-term insurance branches premium and General Health Insurance premium, all of the insured and employer share premiums and unemployment insurance premium, all of the insured and employer share are covered by the government for five years from the date of employment.

Protection decisions for institutional care can be extended until the age of 25 for young people who continue their education.

Günceleme: 18/06/2020 14:56

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