Strict Control in Public Transport in Antalya

Strict control in public transport in Antalya
Strict control in public transport in Antalya

In Antalya, Police and Gendarmerie Traffic teams continue their inspections in urban public transportation vehicles.

A new type of corona virus in the fight against Turkey normalization process of entering the 50 percent limit on public transport with the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior has been removed. Traffic teams affiliated to Antalya Provincial Police Department and Provincial Gendarmerie Command continue to inspect public transportation vehicles and inform citizens.

Passengers Checked One By One

On Thursday, June 4, the Police and Gendarmerie teams who performed masks and social distance inspections between 07.00-10.00, which are the most used hours of public transportation, controlled 1698 Bus 48 Taxi, 48 Tram, 213 private vehicles and 192 stops. Their teams stopped buses, taxis, minibuses, shuttle vehicles and minibuses, and inspected the measures to be taken against the corona virus outbreak. Vehicle drivers and passengers were informed about mask usage and social distance rules.

Everyone cares about wearing a mask

Reminding the people in the vehicle during the epidemic period that a new period of controlled social life was initiated, Traffic personnel called for citizens not to be compromised, to follow social distance rules and to wear masks.

While it was observed that Antalya people were following the rules, there was no negativity in mask and social distance application. The teams, who thanked the passengers who wore masks, said that by wearing a mask for the citizens, we both protect and protect the people around us, let's not take the precaution, let's go through this process together.

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